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    Fall in the Volume 2 - Lash Lift Kit

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    Beauty Wave - Lash Lift Kit


    Shopping for lash extension supplies, products, tools, and accessories has never been this easy and convenient with Cartel Lash's eyelash extension kit and lash lift kit!

    Typically, shopping for extension products, tools, supplies, and accessories takes too much time and effort when you need to buy lash supplies quickly. You need to visit various shops or online stores, check quality and reviews yourself, and then purchase different products individually. This is very time-consuming and can get expensive, which is where a lash extension kit and lash lift kit comes in!

    As lash technicians, you do not have that much free time on your hands. It will be more useful to use your time applying extensions or practicing your skills. This is where the eyelash extension practice kit can help you out! This lash extension kit contains all the supplies, products, accessories, and tools you will need to hone your skills and improve your precision and speed. 

    From comfortable tweezers, quality lash trays, fast-drying adhesives, eye masks, micro brushes, mascara wands, to micropore tapes and extension removers, you can find everything you need at Cartel Lash's best professional eyelash extension kit! 

    Each beginners eyelash extension kit contains products and supplies from different popular brands such as Borboleta, Eyelash Maker, Glamcor, Lash Artisan, LashGod, LBLA, Max2Originale, Revolashion, Ruthie Belle, SugarLash, Untamed Artistry, and our very own Cartel Lash products. Browse through lash extension kit and lash lift kit for all your needs.

    To make sure you get the best eyelash extension kit or lash lift kit, we handpicked all the high-quality and best-selling products and items in each kit ourselves. We put together everything you will need to make your next lashing session quick, easier, and convenient. To save time and money, buy eyelash extension kit that fits your expertise and needs at Cartel Lash today! 

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