6 Things They Never Taught You in Your Lash Tech Course

by Joan Wong

Signing up for an eyelash extension course is the second step in being a successful lash tech. The first one is loving what you do, in this case, eyelash extensions.

In a lash tech course, you will be able to learn many things, such as but not limited to, how to apply lash extensions properly, refine your existing skills, how to use lash supplies and tools correctly, and so much more. Remember, eyelash extension courses are different from each other, some are more extensive while others are simpler. 

At the end of each course, you will get a certificate that proves your participation and completion. These certificates can help improve your lash tech career and reputation. The result is more clients, income, and a better lash business. These certificates are just one of the benefits of joining lash tech courses.

However, you can’t learn everything from one eyelash course. There are things you can only learn from experience or other lash tech mentorship. We listed 6 things they rarely teach you in your beginner course.

Lash tech course includes application of extensions on a mannequin. Cartel Lash

1. Proper full set eyelash extension removal 

You can learn how to apply lash extensions, the supplies and tools you need to use, and the aftercare routine you should advise your clients. But most often than not, many courses fail to teach the right way to remove lash extensions without harming the natural lashes of your clients.

Here are some steps and tips to remove the eyelash extension of your clients in the right and proper way that you can’t learn from your lash tech course:

  1. During the lash extension removal, make sure your client’s eyes are closed.
  2. Use under-eye pads.
  3. Only use lint-free micro brushes.
  4. Use small amounts of your lash extension remover at a time.
  5. Do not pull when applying the lash remover at the base of your client’s eyelash extensions. Use a gentle dabbing and massaging method.
  6. Use a different lint-free micro brush for each eye. Allow the remover to sit for approximately 5 minutes. Gently brush and lift the eyelash extensions.
  7. If the extensions are not easily coming off. Apply the remover a second time. Making sure to coat the base of the extension, where the adhesive has dried. 
  8. Once all the extensions have been removed. Clean the lashes of your client.
  9. Remove the under-eye pads.

Remember to check the waiting time required for the lash remover you are using. There are different types of lash glue removers with various waiting times, like gel removers and cream removers.

2. Proper weight on natural lashes in your lash tech course

The weight of the eyelash extensions will depend on the thickness (diameter) and length of the eyelash extensions you use. In addition, you can’t just randomly use lash extensions because you need to consider the health of the natural lashes of your client, their length, and thickness.

Lash tech course includes diameter and length of extensions. Cartel Lash

As a lash tech, you need to make sure the eyelash extensions you use are not too heavy on the natural lashes to avoid premature shedding and breakage. Keep in mind that the longer and thicker the lash extensions you use, the heavier they will be. 

There are two main types of eyelash extension applications, namely classic and volume applications. In classic eyelash extension applications, one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. The most commonly used eyelash extension is 0.15. Remember, your clients have different natural lashes. You need to consider their health and strength before applying lash extensions.

On the other hand, in volume extensions, multiple lash extensions are applied to one natural lash. Meaning, you need to consider the number of extensions per fan as well as the diameter you use, as they might be too heavy for the natural lashes. The more extensions you need to apply to one natural lash, the lighter the extensions should be.

We put together reminders, tips, and tricks that can help you choose the best length and thickness of classic extensions depending on the natural lashes of your clients.

  • For healthy natural lashes: You can use  0.15.
  • For thin natural lashes: You can use 0.10 or 0.12

  • 3. Your lash tech course may miss mentioning stretching techniques during applications or in between appointments 

    Applying eyelash extensions will take a long time. Especially if you need to remove the previous ones and apply a brand new set. You will be sitting on your chair, and only your arms and hands will be moving. Which is not healthy. You need to move your body to get your blood pumping, reducing the strain on your arms, and avoiding stiffness which can affect your speed and precision.

    Stretching during and in between eyelash extension applications is very helpful to make sure your blood is pumping throughout your body. Stretching your back, shoulders, arms, and neck can greatly help in keeping your speed and precision while avoiding mistakes.

    Here are some easy stretches you can do before and during your lash extension applications:

  • Shoulders: Grab one of your elbows and gently pull it to your chest. Do it to your other elbow.
  • Neck: Slowly tilt your head towards your shoulders. Do the same to the other side of your neck.
  • Back: Clasp your hands together. Thumbs should be pointing downwards. Rund your shoulders and reach forward until you feel your back is getting stretched.
  • Arms: Stretch your arms, elbow up, to the back of your head. Grab the elbow using your hand on the other side and gently pull it towards your head. Do it to your other elbow.

  • Stretch your arms during lash tech course training and application. Cartel Lash

    These simple and quick exercises will only take 10 to 20 seconds but can greatly improve the blood flow in your body.

    4. Talk about how to take great photos in your lash tech course

    Marketing your lash services and your work is very important to grow your network, improve your reputation, and attract more clients. These days, there is an easy and quick way to advertise and market your lash salon business which they do not teach in most lash tech courses, that is utilizing the use of social media. You can post photos of your work, lash extension supplies you use, and your workspace on your social media accounts and attract more clients.

    Here are some tips for taking great photos you can post on your social media accounts:

  • Find the lighting: Lighting is very crucial in any great photo, especially when taking photos of eyelash extensions. If you are already using your ring light or Glamcor for applying lash extensions, why not use it for taking photos as well. You can also maximize the natural light coming into your workspace if you have a window. 
  • Know your angles: If you are not familiar with taking photos, you can play around and try different angles. You can also visit various social media accounts to get inspiration. When taking photos, make sure that the focal point is the eyelashes. Always choose the flattering angle.
  • Details, details, details: Always double-check your client’s face when taking photos. Even the smallest details like stray lashes can make your photo look messy. You will need to edit the photos. To save yourself the hassle of editing too much, always check even the smallest details. Even the eyebrows are important!
  • Edit in moderation: Editing your photos before posting them on your social media accounts is very good. But too much editing is NOT. Always keep the editing minimal and natural-looking. For Instagram, square photos work best. 
  • Variety: Take multiple different photos and angles of the eyelash extensions for each client. This way you have different choices for your social media posts. In addition, you can post some on Instagram or Facebook stories. You can also try before and after photos to showcase your work and expertise.

  • When taking photos, it is necessary to check the quality of the photos before posting them. Check and double-check the photos and make sure they are clear and consistent with your branding.

    Woman before and after eyelash extension procedure in lash tech course. Cartel Lash

    5. A lash tech course may not discuss what to include in your waiver

    Many lash tech courses do not teach you the importance of a waiver. As a business owner, you need to protect your business, yourself, and your employees. Having a waiver form prepared and signed by your client before the eyelash extension service can help you avoid any problems in the future. 

    To create an effective waiver form, it should include the following:

    • The complete eyelash extension process and what your client can expect
    • All the products you will be using.
    • Your policies (ie: if a client is unable with the service)
    • Available payment methods.
    • No-show and cancellation policies.
    • Possible side effects the client might experience.
    • Liability disclaimer. 
    • Permission to take and use photos
    • The date of the service
    • Signature of your client.

    The waiver form should be as detailed as possible. 

    Before applying eyelash extensions, have your client read and understand the information in the waiver form, especially if they are first-timers. 

    6. Your lash tech course may not talk about using reputable brands

    Not all lash tech courses talk about using reputable brands, which is very important in any lash extension service. You need to keep in mind that these brands have been in the eyelash extension business and industry for years and are backed by many positive reviews from various lash techs and lovers. They have a good reputation for a reason. 

    Popular brands tend to have stricter quality control to protect their reputation and make sure their lash extension supplies and tools they offer are effective and high-quality. As a result, you will have fewer complaints from your clients.

    Tools for eyelash extensions in a lash tech course. Cartel Lash

    Here are two tips for choosing the reputable brands for your lash supplies that they do not include in your lash tech course:

  • Do your research. Remember, each brand might not carry all the lash supplies and tools you need. You might have to get your lash supplies from different brands.
  • Choose a store. There are stores, both online and physical, that offer different lash supplies and tools from various reputable brands, such as Cartel Lash. All you need to do is place your orders and you can get your hands on lash extension supplies from different brands in just one place.

  • Joining a lash extension course can definitely help in learning new skills and honing your precision and techniques. However, you can’t learn everything from just one. It is necessary to do your research and read various information, tips, and tricks to improve your lashing skills. If you are ready to explore the eyelash extension industry more, you can always subscribe to Cartel Lash’s newsletter to be updated with the newest information regarding eyelash extensions and lashes.