9 Tips Before Launching Your Lash Business at Home

by Joan Wong

Are you thinking about starting your own lash business but don’t have enough capital yet? You can start it at your home! 
Having a lash salon at home offers a lot of perks such as not needing to pay for rent on a building or high startup capital. It is also very convenient. But there are things you need to do first before launching your own lash business at home. Here are my 9 tips to help you get started:

1. Set up your social media

Posting images on your lash business’s social media accounts can greatly help boost your online presence and expand its reach. Most lash technicians use Instagram but some also use Facebook and Tik Tok.

Set up separate social media accounts for your business. Do not use your personal accounts. In this day and age, social marketing is necessary, convenient, and affordable. So it is a good idea to separate your personal life from your lash business.

Using social media to boost your lash businesses. Cartel Lash

Instagram is the most successful platform for most lash techs because it is very visual. You can post pictures and videos of the services and products you offer. But the most effective way is to provide social proof. There are types of social proof you can use in your business’s Instagram:

  • Expert: You can post experts endorsing or recommending the products and services you offer in your lash business.
  • Influencer: This is where an influencer endorses the products you sell or your services. It is a sure-fire way to help you increase and widen your reach.
  • User or Client: Your clients and customers can take photos in your lash salon and post them on their social media accounts. This is very useful and convenient because all you have to do is provide great service and ensure your client is happy with your services and products.

  • I advise you to allocate a space where your clients can take photos. Make sure your logo is on the wall, so when your client takes a photo, your business logo can also be seen.

    2. Have a business name, logo, and business cards

    Of course, before starting a business you will need a business name and logo. Start with a business name. Choose a business name that is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. Make sure the business name you choose is consistent with your brand. And don’t choose a name close to your competitors’ names. Because this might confuse your clients.

    Brand extending into strategy, logo, design, marketing for lash business. Cartel Lash

    After you settle with a business name, create a business logo. An effective logo should be:

    • Unique
    • Eye-catching
    • Memorable
    • Timeless
    • Easy to identify
    • Carries your brand
    • Reflects your business
    • Scalable
    • Simple

    You have to know your brand to create a powerful logo. All the fonts and colors used should reflect your brand and theme. You can also use these colors and fonts in your business cards and designing your lash room. It is best to choose the color palette and fonts from the start. This will make it easy for you in the long run.

    Now that you have a business name, logo, color palette, and fonts, you can use them on your business cards. It is very important to have a stock of business cards because you operate at home. You won’t have huge nameplates at the entrance, unlike a lash salon. By giving your business cards to your clients, friends, and family, they will have a way to contact you anytime to schedule an appointment.

    3. Design and decorate your lash room

    The common problem when you start a lash business in your home is space. If you can’t allocate a big space, no problem! A small room will do. There are simple ways to help you decorate a small room and make it look spacious and welcoming.

    Lash tech applying eyelash extensions on client at home. Cartel Lash

    Make use of natural light

    If there is a window in your lash room, great! You can utilize it and make your room look bright and spacious. Use sheer blinds or curtains to add a more natural feel. Plus, you can save some money because you won’t have to install a lot of lights.

    Add mirrors

    Mirrors create the illusion of more space. When hanging the mirror, make sure that it is facing the window.

    Round mirror in interior of lash room for eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

    Keep everything organized

    Clutter will make a room look smaller and cramped. It is best to keep everything organized. Use small cabinets or a lash trolley. This will make it easier for you to look for products, tools, and accessories you use for your eyelash extension application.

    Look for the right lash bed

    Finding the right lash bed is very important especially if you have a limited space to work on. A portable lash bed is a great option. It has a rectangular shape which you can place beside a wall.

    White eyelash extension bed on green background. Cartel Lash

    Don’t go for recliner chairs because they are bulkier and should be placed at the center. Here are some things you should consider when looking for an eyelash extension bed:

    • Ergonomic comfort
    • Adjustable Height
    • Optional Mobility
    • Foldable and portable
    • Warranty

    Minimalism is the key

    Decorate your lash room using the color palettes you chose. Make sure it is comfortable and welcoming. Add wall art, lash quotes, certificates, photos, and nice soft blankets and pillows. Make sure not to use too many prints because they will make your space look chaotic. It is best to be minimalist this time!

    If you have a bigger space you can use as a lash room, you will have more freedom to add more personal touches. But whatever size your lash room is, make sure to allocate a wall or space where your clients can take photos. Make sure your business logo and name are visible in this area.

    4. Set your hours and prices

    Create a schedule and a lash menu. It is best to set the hours you will be working, this way you can still separate your personal life from your professional life. Stick to the working hours you set. It is best to make sure you stick with your schedule to create a routine. Working at home has its own advantages but it also comes with disadvantages. I highly recommend creating a routine and sticking with it.

    Lash brush or spoolie brushing through eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

    When creating a menu and setting the prices for your services, I recommend doing competitors’ research. This way you can have an idea of how much your competitors charge. Remember, you are just starting and it is best not to charge too high or possible customers might get turned off.

    Be creative in making your menu. Offer the services you usually get from regular lash salons like fills, removal, application, and even gift cards. You can add other services like brow shaping and tinting. Just ensure you can do them all and provide amazing results.

    5. Determine your financial goals and monthly

    Creating financial goals is very important for all businesses. It will help you monitor your savings and limit how much you spend. Plus, having a set financial goal will help you choose what marketing strategies you can use to grow your business.

    Your financial goals can be your motivation to work efficiently, produce stunning lash extensions, and be more mindful of your purchases.

    6. Figure out your budget and monthly expenses

    Your budget will determine how many products, tools, and accessories you can purchase. Include your monthly expenses in your budget. 

    Create a list of all your monthly expenses. This will include a list of all the products, tools, and lash accessories you need. Remove all things that are not a priority right now. For example, the lash accessories, products, or tools you may not need quite yet. Stick with the basics until you have more room in your budget. You can purchase these items when your lash business grows and you have more money to spend.

    Financial planning for lash business at home. Cartel Lash

    Then, based on your list, you can easily figure out your budget. This is very important when you are starting your business because your income is limited. Make sure to stick to your budget.

    7. Practice your technique on friends and family

    At the start of every business, your family and friends will be your first clients. That is totally okay. It is a great way for you to gain experience and improve your skills. Plus, they will surely post on their social media accounts to show their support. It’s free advertising! 

    Relationships are very important in the lash business. Your family and friends will most likely support your business. Also, try to expand your social network. This can be tricky if you stay at home. But there are ways and options to help you out. You can join or attend groups depending on your interest. There are even groups supporting small businesses that can provide a ton of support.

    Beautiful Woman with long eyelashes getting an eyelash extension procedure. Cartel Lash

    8. Find a reliable booking system

    The traditional way to book and schedule appointments is with a pen and paper. But these days, there are more modern and reliable booking systems you can use. Check your options, look at the reviews, and choose a booking system that is easy to use and trustworthy.

    Having to schedule and reschedule appointments manually are prone to chaos and mistakes. It is best to have a reliable booking system to help you properly schedule all your appointments and avoid double booking.

    9. Invest in quality products

    There is a common misconception that high-quality lash products should be expensive. NOT TRUE! There are a lot of high-quality eyelash extension products, tools, and lash accessories that are affordable and long-lasting.

    Eyelash extension treatment products,  tools, and equipment. Cartel Lash

    Do your research. Remember, not all expensive products are of good quality and not all affordable products are low quality. It is best to invest in high-quality products from the start. You will get accustomed to these products and make a great impression on your clients.