The Best Decisions I’ve Made for my Lash Extensions Business

by Joan Wong

Starting a lashing career is challenging, but very rewarding. Especially, if you are starting your own lash extension business. There are many things you need to keep up with including supplies, products, and tools as well as a schedule management system. 

To help you on your lash tech journey, we have listed all the decisions we had to make that helped us improve our lives and work as lash entrepreneurs. 

Having a waiver form for lash extensions

Many lash techs forget about this. We can’t stress how important this is. You need to have a waiver form prepared for your clients before you perform any type of service for them. This can help you avoid any unnecessary problems if any issues occur in the future.

A waiver form is a legal document containing everything the client has to know about the service they are taking part in. It is very important that your client reads, agrees, and signs this document to avoid any liability on your part. This can be used to protect your reputation, your lash extension business, and assets. You can have a paper or electronic waiver form.

Woman signing a waiver form for lash extensions. Cartel Lash

Your waiver form should include the following:

  • The lash extension application procedure, including the steps and products you use.
  • Your lash salon policies. This includes the protocol for taking before and after photos and/or how to deal with unsatisfied customers.
  • All the available payment methods.
  • Cancellation and no-show policies.
  • Any possible side effects and allergic reactions your client might experience.
  • Liability disclaimer.
  • The date of the eyelash extension appointment

It should be signed by you and your client before you start cleansing and applying eyelash extensions. 

We highly recommend making the waiver as detailed as possible because you can use it as a piece of evidence if a situation or problem arises in the future. 

Investing in more courses for lash extensions

The common mistake many lash techs make is that they stop training and learning. Cartel Lash highly recommends continuing to take more courses and investing in yourself. NEVER stop learning! Continuous learning is VERY IMPORTANT.

Keep in mind that with the advancement in technology, more and more techniques, lash supplies, products, and information are continually being discovered. All these innovations can help you improve your lashing skills and attract more clients in the process. Also, by taking courses, you can discover new and helpful products and lash extension supplies that will make your lash extension applications easier, convenient, and possibly even faster.

Remember, keep on learning and taking eyelash extension courses to help hone your skills, improve your speed, and attract more clients.

Young woman getting lash extensions procedure. Cartel Lash

Learning how to take photos for social media

Today, the more visible you are on your social media pages, the broader your reach is. However, not all posts, stories, shares, and tweets can help improve your image and expand your client list. You need to make sure everything in your posts and stories looks good and reflects your brand perfectly. And adding quality images is an easy but brilliant way to achieve your goal.

It also helps to add good-quality photos and images of your client’s lashes to help attract more attention to your lash business's services. Do not use poorly taken photos because they will make your branding unprofessional. 

Learn how to take photos properly to showcase your eyelash extensions application skills, the products you use, your lash business, and your satisfied customers. This will also greatly help in your marketing strategy. 

Also, posting and tweeting on your lash business’s accounts are free. You need to utilize and maximize social media to your advantage.

Using a booking system for appointments

Find a reliable and efficient booking system to help keep your schedule and client list organized. 

A reliable booking system for your lashing business can be used to store the information of your clients and keep your schedule organized. We highly recommend choosing a booking system where you can put photos, contact information, and eyelash extension details of your clients. This way, you can see the changes and improvements in all your clients.

When looking for a booking system for your lash business, you need to consider the following before subscribing or purchasing their services:

  • Capabilities and Benefits: Ask yourself, will this application or software provide the services you need to support your lash business and decrease your daily tasks? You have to be sure the features, capabilities, and benefits the booking system provides are what you need.
  • Ease of Use: What is the use of a very effective application or software if you can’t use it. Look for a booking system that you can use without any problems.
  • Price: This will work hand-in-hand with the features of the booking system you choose. Some applications let you get more features but with an added payment. Before you pay for the additional features, check whether you need them first or not or you might not need them right now. 
  • Have a booking system for lash extensions. Cartel Lash

    Continue to practice lash extensions on models

    Practice makes perfect! And as lash artists and lovers, we all want perfectly gorgeous eyelash extensions. To help make sure your clients have beautifully stunning and long-lasting lash extensions, you need to continue honing your skills and practice. This will greatly improve your precision, speed, and technique in lashing.

    Cartel Lash highly recommends practicing a minimum of 3 models a week for beginners or those lash techs learning a new skill or technique. This will help ingrain the steps, knowledge, and technique in your brain and muscle memory. Also, if you are trying a new product, it is best to use it on mannequins first, learn how it works first, and practice using them to improve your precision and speed.

    By regularly practicing in your free time, you can improve where you think you are lacking.

    Buying quality lash extensions products

    Your lash salon will have a hard time in the eyelash extension industry if you do not buy quality lash extension supplies and products. Choose quality eyelash extensions, lash adhesives, and tweezers. This will make your eyelash extension application easier and more convenient.

    It is necessary to buy quality lash adhesives to ensure the eyelash extensions will last longer. Choose the lash glue depending on your lashing speed. Here at Cartel Lash, we feature different lash adhesives from popular brands such as Borboleta, LASHGOD, LBLA, Ruthie Belle, SUGARLASH, and Untamed Artistry. 

    When it comes to lash extensions, you can rely on Max2Originale, LBLA, and LASHGOD.

    As a lash tech and/or lash salon owner, you need to make the right decisions to help grow your business and reputation. Hopefully, this list can help you to grow your lash business and improve your reputation as a lash tech.

    Here at Cartel Lash, we want to help our fellow lash lovers. That is why we provide the best lash extension supplies in the industry and tips to help you in your lashing journey. Contact us for more details and inquiries.