Top 10 Lash Supplies Must Haves

by Joan Wong

As a lash tech, there are many lash extension products and supplies you need in your arsenal to be able to provide the best services and produce amazing sets. There are also some products others called “extras” while some products are called “must-haves”. Here are 10 must-have products all lash techs should have in their storage.

Different types of adhesive glue 

The adhesive glue is the most important one on this list. You couldn’t add extensions to natural lashes without adhesive glue. Each person is unique and has their own preferences, you may consider having more than one type of adhesive on standby. For example, if a client has sensitive eyes you may want to use an adhesive glue specially formulated with smaller quantities of cyanoacrylate. In addition, the temperature and humidity can also affect the choice of adhesive glue you will use.

 Drop of eyelash glue, extensions, and tweezers all needed in lash supplies. Cartel Lash

Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing the adhesive glue you will be using:

  • Drying time: Check the indicated drying time in your lash glue. When choosing the adhesive glue you need to make sure the drying time corresponds to your lashing speed. (But the humidity and temperature will affect the drying and curing time, as well.)
  • Color: There are black and clear adhesives available in the market. Black adhesive is the most commonly used.
  • Fume level: Glues have different levels of smell and fumes. I recommend choosing those with low fumes because fumes might cause eye irritation and eye tearing. 
  • Humidity & temperature: The ideal room temperature is 70°F to 80°F while the ideal humidity levels inside your lash room should be 45% to 60%. If the humidity is too high, the drying and curing time will be faster. On the other hand, if the humidity is too low, the drying and curing time will be much slower. (Remember, the drying time indicated in the labels of your lash glue is based on the ideal humidity and temperature.)
  • Period of use: It’s in your best interest to find an adhesive that has quality retention. Your clients will be very satisfied with how long their extensions last between fills. 

  • Choose the right eyelash extension glue based on your skill level. This is the best way to start. And if you want to improve your skill, practice and use faster-drying eyelash extension glue to challenge your speed.

    Lash tweezers for each style

    Tweezers are a very important tool for all lash techs. You won’t be able to pick up and attach lash extensions without using them. I highly recommend having at least 2 sets of tweezers on hand: an extra pair for isolation and an extra pair for application. Having an extra pair will be helpful in the event the prongs of your tweezers get damaged. The type of tweezers you have will depend on the service you provide. 

    Illustration of different lash tweezer needed in lash supplies. Cartel Lash

    There are 7 types of tweezers based on their tip shape, namely:

  • I Shape: Also called a straight tweezer, it is ideal for isolation and applying classic lash extensions. I highly recommend using tweezers with thin and long I shape tips for isolation. This will make it easier for you to separate lashes. Meanwhile, tweezers with thicker and shorter I shape tips are ideal for classic eyelash extensions.
  • F Shape: Just like I shape, F shape tip tweezers are ideal for both isolation and applying classic eyelash extensions because of their fine and pointed tip.
  • A Shape: This type of tweezer is great for picking up and attaching classic eyelash extensions.
  • X Shape: X shape tweezers are also ideal for classic lash extensions. The only difference is that it is easier and more comfortable to use. It will not cause too much tension in your hands when you hold classic extensions.
  • S Shape: This type of tweezer can be used for isolation for clients with deep set eyes or a prominent forehead. It is ideal for picking up fans and attaching while you are doing volume eyelash extensions.
  • L Shape: This type of tweezer is ideal for making handmade volume fans. L shape tweezers will make it easier for you to pick up and attach handmade volume fans.
  • Round Shape: Round tip tweezers are great for removing tapes and eye pads around the eye area after the whole procedure. Because of its round tip, it is safer to use compared to other types of tweezers.

  • Lash supplies and mirror showing finished lash extensions. Cartel Lash

    Hybrid eyelash extensions are a combination of classic and volume lashes. Because of this, you can use different tweezers depending on the type of lash extensions you will be attaching.

    Choosing your tweezers is also based on your own preferences and is very individual. The shape you choose may be completely different from another artist that performs the same services. Also, the amount of tension while using the tweezers can be a deciding factor for you as well. 

    Quality eyelash extensions

    Of course, duh! You need to invest in good-quality lash extensions. Don’t go cheap with lash extensions. Your client will have to wear them and they will notice if their extensions are cheap and of low quality. Your clients should get amazing results for the services they paid for. 

    Illustration of different lash extensions needed in lash supplies. Cartel Lash

    Look for good-quality lash extensions that can hold their curl and still look natural. Keep in stock those types of eyelashes most of your clients go for. You can store variations of lash extensions based on their curls, lengths, and materials. This way, when clients ask for a new look, length, curl, or material, you will be able to provide what they need.

    Quality lash extensions should be easy to apply! The lash strips will hold the extensions in place while you work and should not leave residue on the base of the extensions. 

    Lash cleanser

    Before you can apply lash extensions, you need to clean your client’s eyelashes first to remove all the dirt, debris, and oil stuck in between their lashes and lashline. This will also ensure the eyelash extensions will last longer and the lash adhesive you use will bond properly. 

    Choose a lash extension friendly lash cleanser without oil and alcohol. Oil and alcohol can make the adhesive brittle and cause premature shedding. It is best to stay away from cleansers with these ingredients.

    Lash supplies and lash cleanser on pink and white background. Cartel Lash

    Consider keeping extra cleanser on hand for your client’s to purchase for at home aftercare. 

    Lash primer and microbrushes

    After cleaning your client’s eyelashes, you need to apply a lash primer. A lash primer will make sure there is no oil and debris left in your client’s eyelashes before attaching the extensions. This is a small and simple step but a very needed one. We might not be able to always control the bond of the adhesive or how long the extensions will last. However, what we can do is try to ensure or minimize the oil and debris left on our clients before applying lash extensions.

    Lash spoolies or mascara wands

    Spoolies, also called mascara wands, are used to separate lashes. Use spoolies before, during and after the application.

    These mascara wands are also a necessity for your aftercare routine. Oil, dirt, and makeup will tend to accumulate in the eyelashes making them clump together or stick in weird angles. This is where you will need spoolies to remove all those dirt without rubbing your eyelashes.

    Be gentle when brushing the eyelashes to make them last longer. Do not tug or pull them or the lash extensions will fall off. Follow the curl of the lashes. Consider giving your client the spoolie you used during their service to encourage them to brush their lashes daily, this will keep their lashes looking fluffy and tidy. 

    Lash supplies with mascara wands to brush lashes. Cartel Lash

    Lash adhesive remover

    Lash remover is not always used in lashing services. However, they might come in handy when a client walks into your lash salon or business with weird-looking eyelashes. Here are other reasons why clients might want to remove their lash extensions:

    • Poor applications. You might encounter a client who received a poor lash extension application made by another lash tech and will need to remove them to prevent more damages.
    • Adverse allergic reactions caused by the lash adhesive. Some clients might feel extreme adverse reactions and will need to completely remove their lash extensions. 
    • There are also times when clients just want to remove their lash extensions. 
    • During a fill, grown out or crooked extensions need to be removed before application.

    It is best to be prepared for these circumstances. Make sure you always have an eyelash adhesive remover.

    Nano mister

    This is a simple tool that can speed up the curing process of your lash adhesive. Nano misters are usually small and compact in size. It might not look too much but it can cut your lash adhesive from 24 to 48 hours down to only 4 to 10 hours. This is a huge thing!

    Lash supplies and nano mister to cure lashes. Cartel Lash

    By cutting down the curing time of the lash adhesive you used, you can also minimize the chances of your client’s lash extensions being damaged while the adhesive is still curing. When the lash glue is not fully cured, the bond is not too strong. And a simple rubbing during this time can cause premature shedding and make the lash extensions point in weird angles.

    Lash adhesive palette or lash glue ring

    This is where you put your lash adhesive during the application. Whichever surface you choose will keep your lash adhesive fresh and within reach. 

    Tape and under eye pads

    They are both used to separate the top and bottom eyelashes. If you don’t tape the bottom lashes, there is a chance that you might glue your client’s eyelashes shut. This is embarrassing!

    I highly recommend using eye pad or eye masks first to secure bottom lashes, then using tape to secure any remaining lashes to the eye pads. If you choose tape and no eye pads, be sure to use medical safe tape. Medical-grade tapes are gentle enough so you can use them around the sensitive and delicate eye area. 

    Lash supplies and tape securing lashes during eyealash extension treatment. Cartel Lash

    Lashing is not easy. But when you use the right tool and lash supplies, it can help relieve some of the fatigue and tiredness you feel. Plus, it can make your lashing faster and easier. 

    So, be sure to be fully equipped with tools, products, and accessories you are comfortable with. Add to your cart these 10 must haves and make your lash tech life easier.