How to Teach Proper Care for Lash Extensions

by Joan Wong

Having lash extensions is an investment that can change morning routines from time consuming to effortless. It might be surprising but attaching lash extensions doesn’t end with the procedure. Lash care is especially important and proper care should be followed for lash extensions to last as longer.

Learn how to teach proper care for lash extensions with our proven best tips!

Woman looking down brushing her eyelash extensions with a spoolie. Cartel Lash

What are the care tips for eyelash extensions

There are a lot of tips going around, but we compiled the 5 most important ones:

TIP #1: Comb lashes daily.

Brush lashes once a day. We advised that clients do it in the morning or after taking a shower with a lash brush or spoolie, preferably. But DON’T overdo it. This step ensures lash extensions remain free from dust, pollen and makeup for lashes that last longer.

TIP #2: Shampoo your lashes daily

It is a common misconception that less touching and cleaning will lengthen the lifespan of lash extensions. It is actually the opposite. Clients must clean their extensions every day especially if they wear makeup. 

Using a lash cleansing brush with soft bristles and a lash cleanser, clean lashes to remove dust, natural oils, and makeup. This will help prevent any build-up causing premature breakage and lash shedding. 

TIP #3: Sleep on their back.

Always advise clients to sleep on their back. Sleeping facedown or on the side will put pressure on their lashes causing them to be out of shape or fall out.

TIP #4: Use ONLY oil-free makeup remover.

Oil causes the lash glue to lose its bond. So when removing eye makeup, go for an oil-free and gentle makeup remover (like Borboleta Makeup Remover and Dr. Belter Makeup Remover) with a soft makeup remover cloth. This also applies to eye makeup. ALWAYS go for oil-free makeup to not harm your eyelash extensions and cause premature shedding.

TIP #5: Touch up every 2-3 weeks.

Naturally, lash extensions will start shedding just like your natural lashes. That’s okay! To ensure lash extensions last longer, we suggest going for touch-ups or fills every 2-3 weeks. Waiting any longer will result in more shedding and will be considered a new set of lashes.

Can mascara be used with lash extensions

There is no need to apply mascara if lash extensions are applied since extensions already add a darker color to lashes. Likewise, a curler is not needed because eyelash extensions are already curled.

But for mascara lovers out there, be sure to use a non-clumping mascara specifically formulated to hydrate your lashes. That way, lashes are protected and last longer.

Do’s and Don’ts 

If our tips are not enough, here are some dos and don’ts that clients need to remember for longer lasting lashes!


  • Use eyelash extension-friendly eyelid foam cleanser when cleaning lash extensions.
  • Use an eye mask or lash bra so extensions will last longer.
  • Apply lash serum daily to condition lash extensions and natural lashes.
  • For an oily face, try to control it by using oil-control moisturizer and blotting paper.


  • Get their eyes wet for 24 hours after application
  • Get their eyes wet for 3 hours after application if a nano mister was used after the service
  • Rub their eyes.
  • Use oil-based products around their eyes.
  • Get too close to extreme heat because lash extensions will melt.
  • Get chemical peels and facials.
  • Use waterproof or oil-based mascara.
  • Use baby wipes or any wipes to remove eye makeup.
  • And NEVER remove lash extensions at home, it’s important to contact professionally trained lash artists to remove them to avoid damaging natural eyelashes.
Woman looks shocked at the five lash extensions fallen on her face prematurely. Cartel Lash

Can clients get eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours

NO, THEY CAN’T! We can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t get lash extensions wet for about 24 hours after the procedure. It takes 24 - 48 hours for lash glue to fully dry and creates a strong bond between natural eyelashes and extensions on the lash line. Don’t worry, clients can still take a shower! Just be mindful not to get lashes wet. They can cover their eyes with a dry washcloth to cover their eyes to protect them from getting wet.

However, if a nano mister is used after application, it decreases the time to 3 - 10 hours. The nano mister is a very fine spray designed to cure the glue and dry lashes quicker. It sprays a mist of distilled water onto lashes and speeds up the lash adhesive curing process. Besides quicker curing, the benefits are clients will experience less irritation, red eyes, and allergic reactions. If you aren’t using a nano mister in your process yet, we recommend you purchase one right away! 

What happens if clients get eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours

If a nano mister is used the drying time is between 3 - 10 hours. Without a nano mister, the drying time is between 24 - 48 hours.

If clients accidentally get their lashes wet, the lash glue will be exposed to moisture drying it quickly. Clients might think what’s the problem with the adhesive drying quickly, right? The thing is, lash glues need time to properly bond to lash extensions to natural lashes. Getting lashes wet before the recommended time can cause the lash extensions to fall off prematurely.

That’s why it’s important to let clients know why they need to make sure not to get their eyes wet if they want their beautiful lash set to last longer!