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    Max2Originale - Protective Coating Sealant+

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    SUGARLASH Plump (30mL)


    Keep your lash life longer and protect them from the dreaded shedding season with our premium sealants and serums!

    At Cartel Lash, our sealants and serums collection features products to help condition and boost new hair growth for natural lashes and eyelash extensions. They act as a protective layer to protect your eyes from dust, dirt, debris, and water.

    All sealants and serums are made with high-quality products to make sure they are safe for your eyes and eyelash extensions. Each lash booster has its own specially formulated ingredients, but its main goal is to help your eyelashes grow longer, stronger, and healthier.

    Choose from popular brands such as Max2Originale, Borboleta, and SUGARLASH and keep lash extensions looking their best longer!

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