How to Clean Eyelash Extensions in 4 Easy Steps

by Joan Wong

The main purpose of cleaning lash extensions is to prolong their life, lessen fill-ins, and maintain their fluffy and luscious look. It can be a tedious task but very very important. 

A daily aftercare routine is necessary.

Why should you clean your eyelash extensions

The eyelashes’ main job is to protect the eyes from dust and debris. We can say that it’s our eyes’ first line of defense. 

It’s common to have dust and dirt gather on eyelashes. For lash extension wearers, this dirt, dust, oil, and debris can negatively affect the bond on the extensions making them break and fall off

In extreme cases, depending on the lifestyle if lashes aren’t cleaned properly every 2-3 days, blepharitis can occur. Blepharitis is linked to the overgrowth of bacteria living on the base of the eyelashes. Over time, the bacteria multiply creating a biofilm. If you don’t properly clean your lash extensions, this biofilm will attract the parasites called Demodex who feed on biofilm. If left untreated, Demodex will overpopulate causing eyelids inflammation.

Asian women in the white satin nightwear are rubbing eyelid from irritant. Cartel Lash

That’s why cleaning eyelash extensions regularly and lash extension aftercare is needed.

How often should you clean your eyelash extensions

We highly suggest cleaning eyelash extensions at least 2 - 3 times a week. However, if you have oily skin, work out or want fresh and fluffy eyelashes, you should clean them daily.

Just like when you clean your face to remove your makeup, it is necessary to remove your eye makeup including your liner, shadow, and if you wear mascara (even though you won’t need to wear mascara anyway, you need to remove mascara thoroughly). Wash and clean your eye area every day to remove your eye makeup. Remember to be thorough but gentle.

Woman wearing towel on head with clear skin, make up and lash extensions. Cartel Lash

Steps to cleaning your lash extensions

There are a lot of ways to maintain and prolong the life of lash extensions. We listed 4 easy aftercare instructions to help maintain clean, fluffy, and luscious eyelashes to help save time.

1. Remove makeup

After a tiring day, always clean all the makeup from lash extensions at the end of the day. Remove makeup using oil-free makeup remover. Make sure the remover is lash extension friendly.

2. Use a gentle cleanser with warm water

Wash face and eye area, including lashes and eyelids with a gentle cleanser and warm water. The warm water will help open pores making cleansing easier. 

Massage cleanser gently and rinse. Avoid rubbing and tugging your lashes.

Remember, DO NOT USE an oil-based cleanser. Use cleansers specially formulated for lash extensions, like Eyelash Maker - Cleanser or LBLA Fluff Guard.

3. Pat around eyes with a lint-free towel

Using a lint-free eyelash towel, pat the eye area dry. It is VERY IMPORTANT to be gentle. Don’t rub your eyes.

4. Brush eyelash extensions with a spoolie

Reshape lashes by using a lash brush or spoolie. We recommend brushing eyelashes using a spoolie every morning to help reshape and fluff up eyelashes.

The key to cleaning lash extensions is being gentle. Remember eyelash extensions are attached to natural lashes with a strong adhesive. But they can break and fall off when the bond weakens from tugging and improper care. 

We understand the importance of using the right products for the longevity of eyelash extensions. Visit Cartel Lash for quality aftercare products to help lashes last longer!