5 Ways Eyelash Extensions Make Life Easier

by Joan Wong
Ever wonder why having lash extensions are ‘in’ right now? Because having long lashes that add volume will always be in style. Whichever country you are in, having stunning eyelashes will always, ALWAYS be in style.

Many get lash extensions for various reasons. Some because of convenience while others because of how they look. Whatever the reason may be, knowing the main ones will help you as a lash artist understand your clients better. We listed 5 ways lash extensions make life a little bit easier.

Enhance eyes without mascara, fake lashes, or makeup

Clients want to wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day every morning without the added steps. You can give clients a natural or volume look so they can take their #wokeuplikethis and #morningselfie. Lash extensions are versatile and create the perfect look every morning without having to apply mascara, fake lashes, or eye makeup. The bonus is lash extensions will instantly enhance eyes, making them look bigger and more youthful.

Before and after of blue-eyed woman with a new set of eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Add volume to natural lashes

Not all women are blessed with naturally thick, long, and dark lashes. But when they undergo a lash extension application procedure, they can add length and volume to their natural lashes. It can also make their eyes look brighter. With its wide range of subtle and dramatic color tones to choose from, lash extensions will also bring out the color of their eyes. All they have to do is coordinate with you to achieve the look that they are aiming for and you can make the magic happen.

Save time on their routine

From applying moisturizer and primer to putting on eye makeup like eyeshadow, liner, and mascara, their troublesome routine will turn into an easy morning routine. They can save at least 15 to 20 minutes on their eye routine if they decide on volume lash extensions. This will naturally look alluring and enticing without all the work. It makes all the difference in the morning when they don’t have to put on additional eye makeup!

If clients can’t go without mascara, direct them to specially formulated and non-clumping mascara made for lash extensions, like Max2Originale Special Mascara Gold and Ruthie Belle Lash BFF

Boost their confidence

The last but most important reason is lash extensions can boost their self-confidence. Having eyelash extensions should be done to enhance already gorgeous eyes. It should encourage them to look and feel good about themselves too! 

Customize lash extensions to suit eye shapes 

Whether clients are looking for more natural lash extensions or more dramatic ones, knowing the secret to which lash style compliments each eye shape is important. First, determine their eye shape.

Illustration to determine your eye shape for lash extensions. Cartel Lash

Then here are some tips you can use based on the shape of their eyes for their next lash appointment:

Almond eyes

This shape is considered the most proportionate eye shape, therefore, any lash style will look great with it. You can get standard C curl lashes that are not too loose or curly. If you want to make natural eyelashes look longer or brighter, go for cat-eye. 

Hooded eyes

Also called monolids, hooded eyes are eyelids without a crease. This eye shape can appear very heavy. If clients have this eye shape, you will want to open up and break through a heavy lash line. You can go for D, L, and L+ lashes to lift the lash line making it appear to look fresher and brighter.

Round eyes

This eye shape looks very alert and open but if you style it incorrectly, they might end up looking surprised. To help tone that alertness look, shorter lengths in a looser curl like B curls should be great. Remember, for rounded eyes, always go for less curl and longest length towards the mid-outer eye. With this, you can create a more almond-shaped eye.

Oval eyes

Just like round-shaped eyes, oval eyes tend to make a person look surprised when styled incorrectly. By going for a more cat-eye look, the lash extensions will help their eyes look beautiful and bright.

Smiling lash tech applying eyelash extensions to client using two tweezers. Cartel Lash

As a lash artist, it is important to respect the preferences of your clients. However, you are the expert and your clients trust your knowledge and capabilities. It’s equally important to recommend lash styles based on eye shapes, so the result is a lash set clients are happy about!