How to Properly Recycle Your Lash Tweezers

by Joan Wong

Lash technicians go through LOTS of tweezers during their lashing careers. Techs might have dozens of different types of eyelash tweezers in their lash extension supplies. It’s not uncommon to have backups in case they accidentally drop their tweezers or hit something damaging the tips of their tweezers.

When the tip of your lash tweezers is damaged or flattened, they will need to be replaced by a new one. But what happens to them after they serve their lashing purpose? How do you dispose of these lash tweezers properly? Find out how you can be a responsible lash tech and properly dispose of your partner — the eyelash tweezer. 

Tech using lash tweezers to apply extensions. Cartel Lash

Can you put lash tweezers in the garbage?

Yes and no. 

Yes, you can put your lash tweezers in the garbage BUT you need to put them in a sturdy container. Remember, your eyelash tweezers have sharp tips and can hurt your garbage collector or anyone removing the contents of your waste bin.  Also, throw them in the correct waste receptacle, especially if you are in an area where categorizing their trash is mandatory. You can’t just dispose of them in any garbage bin. 

No, because you can recycle your lash tweezers. Tweezers for lashes are made from metal. This is important to improve the precision and speed of lash techs. And metal wastes can be recycled. If you want to help the environment and decrease the waste in your area, we highly recommend going to your nearest metal recycling facility and asking them about their protocol and if they accept damaged lash tweezers. This way you are disposing of your eyelash tweezers and other types of eyelash tweezers properly while decreasing your carbon footprint.

The Importance of disposing of lash tweezers properly

As a lash artist, you rely a LOT on your lash tweezers when applying eyelash extensions. They are your partner in ensuring your clients have long-lasting lashes. When it is time for these eyelash tweezers to retire, it is only fair to show your appreciation and dispose of them in the right way. 

It also decreases the chances of you hurting other people. Remember the sharp tip can hurt your garbage collector while transferring your trash and other people that handle your waste. 

Proper metal waste management is important. This includes disposing of your precious lash tweezers when they are ready to retire.

Guidelines for proper disposal of lash tweezers

If you are a new lash tech, you might be unfamiliar with the proper disposal of your lash tweezers. Don’t worry, we will help you out! Here are three steps on how you can properly dispose of your eyelash tweezers with minimal to zero damage to the environment, yourself, and other people:

Lash tech using tweezers to apply extensions on client. Cartel Lash

1. Contact your local pharmacy if they have containers for tweezers for disposal

We’ve been emphasizing the importance of putting your damaged lash tweezers in a container when you are ready to dispose of them. Your eyelash tweezers can harm yourself, other people, the environment, and even animals (if not disposed of properly). 

Contact the nearest pharmacy in your area and ask if they have containers where you can put all of your damaged lash tweezers. We highly recommend collecting your damaged tweezers before disposing of them together. It will be more efficient compared to disposing of them one by one.

In addition, ask the nearest pharmacy if they handle lash tweezer disposal. If they do, you can send your damaged eyelash tweezers to them. Otherwise, look for a waste/recycling depot.

2. Place all tweezers in a sealed container

When you have the container where your lash tweezers can fit in, it is now time for you to place all of them inside the sealed container. Make sure it is sealed to avoid spillage and contamination. Choose a durable container and not thin and flimsy plastics. Remember, lash tweezers can be sharp and poke a hole in flimsy containers. 

Label the container as well to avoid confusion.

3. Bring the container to the pharmacy or waste depot

When you have accumulated a collection of damaged tweezers, it is now time to dispose of them. 

Bring the container where you stored them to your nearest pharmacy or waste depot

4 types of lash tweezers for extensions. Cartel Lash

Here at Cartel Lash, we understand that lash techs use a LOT of lash extension supplies, products, and tools. This includes lash tweezers. And just like any tools and equipment, they need to retire at some point. Knowing how to properly dispose of all your damaged eyelash tweezers is a must to avoid any complications in the future. 

We all want to do our part and help the environment through the proper disposal of our garbage. This is a necessary process that can help improve your reputation as a lash tech and a lash business owner.