How to Choose the Best Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes

by Joan Wong

Eyelash extensions are one of the best discoveries of humankind. Your eyelashes will look amazingly beautiful 24/7 even in the mornings! No need to wear mascara just to take a selfie. When you have lash extensions, you are always selfie-ready!

But for those lash lovers with sensitive eyes, undergoing an eyelash extension application is not something they want to experience. Why? Because eyelash glue might cause eye irritation, allergic reaction, and eye tearing. Not a great experience!

However, there are ways you can make sure your clients don’t experience eye irritation, side effects, and any allergic reactions. Consider purchasing a sensitive lash adhesive. 

Eyelash glue on extension attached to lashes. Cartel Lash

What to look for in eyelash glue for sensitive eyes

Everyone wants lovely and long lashes. Unfortunately, some clients that want to get extensions may experience allergies or sensitivities which can cause negative reactions. 

That is why you may want to purchase an eyelash glue specially formulated for clients with sensitive eyes. Here are the things you want to look for when choosing the best eyelash extension glue for sensitive clients. 

Check the ingredients of eyelash glue

The very first thing you need to do when looking for lash glue for sensitive clients is to check the ingredients. The most common cause of allergies in eyelash glue is cyanoacrylate, carbon black, latex, and formaldehyde.  

Latex is commonly used in lash adhesives to make them more elastic and provide a long-lasting bond. This helps greatly with lash retention. If you have a regular client with latex allergies, you need latex-free eyelash glue. There are not that many in the market but with the continuously growing popularity of lash extensions, many good-quality latex-free lash adhesives are being formulated. Make sure to go for a reputable brand with a good-quality lash adhesive.

Little tubes with eyelash glue for lash extensions in woman's hands. Cartel Lash

Carbon black is one of the main ingredients for all colored eyelash glue, dark brown and black are the most common ones. Colored lash adhesives give a bolder look. Manufacturers use carbon black as a pigment. If your client is allergic to carbon black, use clear lash adhesives. They are colorless and blend well with natural lashes.

Formaldehyde can be found in almost everything including lash adhesives. Check the labels of your lash adhesive and look for formaldehyde. A reputable eyelash glue should not have a quantifiable amount of formaldehyde. It is good practice to steer clear of lash glues with this ingredient. 

Shelf life of eyelash glue

All products including lash adhesives have suggested shelf life and expiration dates. Check the manufacturer’s suggested shelf life before purchasing them. Remember, the shelf life indicated in the labels is based on the ideal humidity level (45% - 60%) and temperature (21°C - 26°C). So, this will depend on the conditions your storage is. 

You won’t be using these specific lash adhesives all the time. Do not overstock your lash adhesives because as time goes by, the ingredients will start to break down and lose their efficacy. It is best to just order one to two bottles at a time, but this depends on your clientele.

Humidity monitor for ideal eyelash glue environment. Cartel Lash

Climate for eyelash glue

At this point, you already know that lash glues are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. When looking for sensitive eyelash extension glue, check the advised temperature and humidity level indicated in the label. Make sure the climate and environment in your lash room will fit in the range indicated in the label. 

I understand that the temperature and humidity levels can change drastically during the day. It is best to have a humidifier (if the humidity is too low) or a dehumidifier (if the humidity is too high).

Price of eyelash glue

Remember, not all expensive products are good-quality products. That being said, don’t go to the cheapest one you can find. The price tag doesn’t always equate to quality. Do your research and check the quality of the products you want to buy. 

Think about your budget and whatever you choose, do not go over it. Stick to your budget!

Reviews for eyelash glue

ALWAYS CHECK THE PRODUCT REVIEWS! I can’t emphasize this enough. The internet is very accessible. Do proper and thorough research. Look at the reviews and check whether the lash adhesives are really “sensitive” and don’t contain ingredients that can cause irritation to your clients. 

Read product reviews on phone for eyelash glue. Cartel Lash

Be patient enough to read the comments and reviews. These will greatly help you in making the decision. Some manufacturers tend to market their products as hypoallergenic but contain the ingredients you are trying to avoid.  

What causes sensitivity to eyelash glue

The most common cause of eyelash extension glue irritation is its ingredients such as cyanoacrylate, carbon black, latex, and formaldehyde. You can find substitutes for these ingredients except cyanoacrylate which is the main ingredient for ALL eyelash glue.

This might also come as a surprise but less than 1% of the world’s population is allergic to cyanoacrylate, which is the main ingredient for all lash glues. Unfortunately, all lash adhesives available in the market contain cyanoacrylate. If your client is one of these less than 1%, sadly they can’t or shouldn’t get lash extensions. 

Purchasing an eyelash glue with smaller quantities of cyanoacrylate might work for these clients but it is not always guaranteed. Not only is there a real possibility that your client may still experience a reaction but the application time is much longer, as these types of lash glue have longer drying times. 

Woman with finished eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

But don’t lose hope! With the continuous advancement in technology, people might discover an ingredient to substitute cyanoacrylate in the near future. Finger’s crossed!

Always check the label when you are looking for lash adhesives for sensitive clients. This is the best way to make sure your clients leave your lash room happy and content with their eyelashes. 

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