Eyelash Extension Buzz Words: Different Names for Glue Enhancers

by Joan Wong

Your lash supplies will never be complete if you do not have any lash adhesive and enhancers. Lash adhesives have different drying times. Plus, they vary depending on the humidity of your workplace. 

However, there are ways to help your lash glue dry quicker, these are what we call glue enhancers. They are specially formulated to help accelerate the drying time of those lash adhesives with slow and low drying speed. In addition to accelerating the drying speed, adhesive enhancers also extend the adhesive’s retention and bond. Some eyelash extension glue enhancers even provide immediate curing.

Lashes held by tweezers dipping into a dime size amount of lash glue

Glue enhancer types

There are common names used for glue enhancers.

  • Accelerator
  • Adhesive 
  • Adhesive Superdry
  • Curator
  • Glue Aid
  • Glue Stop

Must have glue accessories

Lash adhesives are one of the most important goods all lash technicians should have. They are very sensitive and can easily dry out if you leave the bottle open for a long time. Some even need to be mixed with enhancers. It is necessary to make sure your lash glues always have the right consistency, are stored properly, and applied at the optimal temperature. In order for these things to happen, you will need the proper lash accessories. Here are 5 glue accessories to help you out:

Adhesive pin

This small tool might not seem too much but it is really helpful. It will save you a lot of time screwing on and off the lid of your lash adhesives during the application. Simply place the adhesive pin at the tip of your lash glue. It will keep it clean and clog-free. In addition, it will provide easy access to your lash glue.

Adhesive mixer 

Thoroughly mixing a lash glue is needed in order to make sure every lash extension is properly applied. That is why an adhesive mixer is very important. This will decrease the effort you exert into mixing the solution by hand. Plus, you can be sure your adhesive is mixed properly and thoroughly.

Lash adhesive mixer in teal and white at Cartel Lash

Glue storage container

An airtight container is need to keep your lash adhesives away from moisture which can affect its consistency and effectiveness. We all know that properly storing your lash glues will lengthen the life of your lash glues. It means your adhesives will last longer and you will have a wider variety of lash adhesives to choose from.

Black glue shuttle to hold lash adhesive for eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Even the smallest amount of exposure to light, heat, and humidity can cause your lash adhesives to spoil. That is why all lash technicians should have a glue shuttle to make sure the cyanoacrylate in your adhesive will remain fresh and ready to be used. The cyanoacrylate is very sensitive to light, heat, and humidity and if exposed, the bond will break causing early spoiling.

Glue drop palette

A glue drop palette will make clean-up a breeze. All you need to do is place a few drops of the adhesive into the drop palette and you can easily access it while you apply each lash. This will help make your work easier, convenient, and faster while keeping your adhesive always fresh.

Tweezers holding lashes dipping into the lash adhesive on pink glue shuttle

Glue wipes

Are there glue drops remaining at the tip or nozzle of your lash adhesive? Don’t just use anything to wipe it out. This is where glue wipes come in! They are lint-free so you can be sure there is no cotton or lint left behind the nozzle and tip. Glue wipes are an easy way to clean your adhesives without causing any reaction to your adhesive.

Glue wipes cleaning glue off lash adhesive bottle and infographic showing the same.

Just like how your client needs to take care of their lash extensions, you as a lash artist also need to look after your supplies, tools, and products you use. You have to make sure all of them are sanitized and clean. That includes your lash adhesives for longer retention and satisfied clients.

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