Top 6 Lash Adhesives for Winter 2021

by Joan Wong

This is the season for gloves, puffy jackets, cozy sweaters, cups of hot cocoa, and fireplaces. It is also the time when your skin gets dry and the air lacks humidity which can greatly affect the lash adhesive’s retention strength.

During winter, there is a lack of humidity in the air making the lash glue’s curing and drying time longer. When you are applying eyelash extensions during winter, make sure your lash room has enough humidity in the air. You can do that by boiling water or using nanomisters.

With nanomisters, you can nanomist throughout the whole lash extensions application or place a drop of water onto a clean eye pad which the lash adhesive can absorb to help the curing process. The same goes for clients with dry skin. The lack of moisture on your lash line will make it hard for the lash glue to dry and bond.

Cartel Lash nanomister for curing eyelash extensions

What exactly is lash glue and what are the common ingredients used to make them

The purpose of lash adhesive or glue is to attach each lash extension to the natural lashes of clients. The main and key ingredient of all lash glues is cyanoacrylate. This compound is made from acrylate and cyanide, I know, they sound dangerous and harmful. But acrylate acid is a conjugate base of acrylic acid which is an organic acid that is responsible for thickening and hardening the solution. It is the one responsible for the fast-drying effect of your lash adhesives. While cyanide is the thickening agent available in all adhesives and glues. Cyanides are dangerous until they are processed and neutralized so you won’t find them in any lash glues.

There is no lash adhesive without any cyanoacrylate because there is no substitute for its outstanding, strong, and fast curing properties.

Best lash glues for the winter

In order to properly and quickly cure, lash glues need enough moisture in the air and on the skin which is lacking during winter. But don’t worry, there are lash adhesives you can use even during winter. Here are our top 6 picks:

1. Supreme Adhesive

It has a 1 - 2 second drying time which is extremely fast. Only intermediate to advanced lash artists should use Supreme Adhesive. Because it cures fast, if you are not experienced, it will dry out before you can start attaching each lash extension. You need to have quick fingers and intense concentration while using this lash adhesive.

It has low fumes meaning there is a lower chance of skin or eye irritation. The optimal humidity for using Supreme Adhesive is 45% to 55% at 20°C or 68°F.

Cartel Lash Supreme Adhesive

2. Untamed Artistry - Retention Black Adhesive

This eyelash glue’s drying time is only 1 second with thin viscosity for better application and spreadability. It has low fumes and perfect for clients with sensitive skin. However, because of the quick curing time, you will need experience to properly utilize its fast-drying effect. If you are a beginner, I highly suggest going for a lash adhesive with a longer curing time. This way, you won’t waste your lash glues or cleansers. 

Untamed Artistry - Retention Black Adhesive is perfect if you are applying classic or volume eyelash extensions. The ideal environment when using this eyelash adhesive is 35% - 55% humidity at 68°F - 75°F.

Untamed Artistry - Retention Black Adhesive Lash Glue

3. LBLA Superhero Adhesive

Because of the quick drying time of this eyelash glue, around 0.5 to 1 second, only advanced lash technicians should use this product. Precision, focus, and experience are needed to use LBLA Superhero Adhesive, because it will just dry without you being able to attach a single lash.

It has minimal fumes with a very thin consistency making it easy to spread. But this lash glues retention is really strong and can last up to 8 weeks. Its ideal environment is 25% - 45% at 60°F - 73°F.

LBLA Superhero Lash Adhesive

4. Ruthie Belle - Dark Matter

This eyelash adhesive has a 0.5 to 1 second drying time with a thin viscosity and medium elasticity. And the best part is one 1 lash glue dot can last up to 5 hours. It is clean and doesn’t contain any black carbon, known to be the common cause of allergic reactions on lash glues. You will need to have quick fingers and great concentration to use the Ruthie Belle - Dark Matter because it cures quickly. 

This lash glue works in any humidity and temperature conditions.

Ruthie Belle - Dark Matter Lash Glue

5. Untamed Artistry - Time’s Up Adhesive

This lash glue has a thin viscosity for easy application. It has low fumes which makes it great for clients with allergies. Untamed Artistry - Time’s Up Adhesive only takes half a second to cure. Because of the quick drying time, it is best if you have experience when you use this lash adhesive. 

The ideal environment when using this eyelash glue is 35% - 55% at 68°F - 75°F.

Untamed Artistry - Time’s Up Adhesive

6. LASHGOD Supernatural Bond

Last on our list but not least, is the LASHGOD Supernatural Bond. Its drying time is instant at 0.2 to 0.5 seconds making it ideal for advanced lash artists. The curing time is quick but the retention of this eyelash glue is strong and can last from 8 to 10 weeks with proper care. Because of its strong bond, this lash adhesive is perfect for 3D to 5D lash extensions. 

The optimal environment for this eyelash glue is 5% to 90% humidity making it ideal to use in the winter.

LASHGOD Supernatural Bond Lash Glue

I highly suggest choosing a fast-drying lash glue during the winter. Because during this time, the drying and curing will take longer than normal because of the colder temperature.

For all your lash supply needs, find everything you need at Cartel Lash or speak to a product specialist for recommendations on which lash adhesive to use this winter at 📞 (604) 437-0011!