7 Tips to Set Up Your Eyelash Extension Room

by Joan Wong

You already have your certificate and lash extensions experiences. Now, you have to make sure your lash room is welcoming and ready to accept your clients. Remember, first impressions are important especially if you want them to trust you.

Lash rooms are important for client experience. Whatever the design and layout you want are, we are here to help you! These are 7 tips we gathered to help you set up a cozy and welcoming eyelash extension room.

1. Figure out the measurements of the room

If you already have a room prepared, all you have to do is get the measurements of the room. This will help you figure out if the furnishing can fit in and if you still have room to move around. Remember, your client will have to be lying down while you apply eyelash extensions. This will take at least 1 to 2 hours. Your client and you should be comfortable.

Woman with brown hair and blue sweater measuring wall with measuring tape. Cartel Lash

2. Decide on the layout of your lash room

You need to decide where your furniture will go. This will help you with decorating as well. Usually, the bed or your lash chair will be at the center of your lash room. It can also be at the side beside a wall. This is where your client will be lying down. Then you will need a chair near the bed or lash chair where you will be sitting for the whole duration of the procedure. Make sure your other furniture like a table where you put your fans and lash adhesive is within reach while you are sitting down. This will help you finish the procedure faster.

Vector lash room renovation with toolbox set: blueprint plan of room, buckets with paint, paint roller, helmet, hammer, nails.


Remember, there are no identical lash rooms. You can mix and match and figure out what works best for you. Just make sure that it will be comfortable. The lash room should be welcoming and comfortable for you and your client. 

3. Choose a theme with matching décor

You can look for inspiration online to get interior design ideas for your lash room. This can help awaken your creative side. 

Whatever theme you decide on, it is best to make the room look clean and polished. While designing and conceptualizing the décor in your lash room, please, find a theme that suits your aesthetic. Remember, your client needs to feel comfortable and relaxed in this room, if there is too much stuff going on, they will not feel at ease.

Interior design paint color and furniture material samples. Cartel Lash

I highly suggest keeping the decorating stylish and to a minimum. Choose the color theme first and work your way from there. Add your logo to your wall, some photos, and fixtures. These will add a sense of professionalism while not overdoing it. 

4. Choose the best light for applying eyelash extensions

The lighting in your lash room is really important. Because it can make your room look more spacious, organized, clean, and most importantly, it can help you see those small lash extensions properly. 

I suggest looking at various types of light fixtures. Overhead lights like pendants or mounts can work as a lash room décor as well as lighting for your room. Don’t choose those long pendants. It can hit your head especially if you have low ceilings. 

Glamcor lash light with 2 lightbulbs that are flexible. Cartel Lash

On top of your overhead lights, you will need a lash light. Invest in a good kind of lash light. This will greatly help you along the way.

5. Use setup organizers to maximize space

Organizers, shelves, and storage are extremely important for a lash room. You will need storage to keep all your lash extension supplies and tools organized and properly maintained. 

No one wants to look at your supplies, tools, and practice mannequins while waiting for their application to start. It is better to keep them in storage and out of sight. Organize all your tools, tweezers and supplies in an orderly manner. This will help keep your lash room clean and spacious. 

Marble tweezer organizer with lid holding 6 tweezers. Cartel Lash

Remember, your lash room should look clean and professional. If there are scattered tweezers and adhesives everywhere, your client will probably look for another lash technician. Tweezer organizers can help make your space look and feel more professional.

6. Create an ambiance with scents, music, and refreshments

To make your lash room welcoming and relaxing, you can use a diffuser and put a few drops of calming scents like lavender, jasmine, lemon, sea breeze, vanilla, and more. If you have a collection of nice music on your Spotify playlist, you can include those as well.

Aroma oil diffuser and candles on blurred background for eyelash extension treatment

In addition, you can offer refreshments. It is a great way to start a conversation.

7. Finishing touches

Lastly, add the finishing touches. There are a lot of things you can do in your lash room. You can frame lash quotes and hang or put them at the top of a shelf. Just don’t forget to allocate a space or area where your clients can take photos. This is also a great way for you to advertise yourself and your business. So, don’t forget to add your logo or business name in that area. That way you can be sure that whenever your clients are posting on social media, your logo and business name will be included. Free advertising!

Interior of stylish lash salon for eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Whatever design and décor your lash room is, don’t forget to greet your clients with a smile on your face. Remember, you need to make a good first impression. A smiling face, a welcoming demeanor, and a clean lash room can help with that!