Eyelash Extension Kits: Are They Really Worth It?

by Joan Wong

Your lash business is only as good as the eyelash extension products you use and the services you provide. You may only have one shot to make a good impression and earn a loyal customer. That is why you need to use quality lash extension supplies. 

However, doing product research on every lash product on the market can be very time-consuming. You will have to spend a lot of time, effort and money, which not all lash techs have. Your time is money, so spending hours looking at various products is not ideal.

Tools for in an eyelash extension kit on pink background. Cartel Lash

This is where an eyelash extension kit comes in handy. Why? Here 5 reasons why lash kits should be your go-to purchase when looking for lash extension supplies.

Quality products in an eyelash extension kit

How can you be sure products included in a lash kit are good quality? You can easily check the products and brand names included in an eyelash extension kit, as many kits have a detailed list of what’s inside. 

For example, Cartel Lash’s Lash Kit for Beginners. This kit includes products from Max2Originale, our very own Cartel Tweezers, best-selling Supreme Adhesive, etc. We included all the brand names for you to identify the manufacturers of the products. 

Value for money in an eyelash extension kit

A big perk to an eyelash extension kit are the discounts! You can enjoy huge discounts when you purchase lash kits rather than buying each product individually. If you want to make sure you are getting good value for the amount you spend, you can check the price of each individual product.

Eyelash extension kit and tools are laid out on the table. Cartel Lash

Let’s take a quick look at Cartel Lash’s Lash Kit for Beginners:

  • 2 Lash Trays - Max2Originale Even & Odd Mixed Lengths ($30 per tray)
  • Max2Originale - Protein Pads (75pads/37g) ($20)
  • Cartel Isolation Tweezer (ST-11) ($18)
  • Cartel Application Tweezer (TL-418) ($35)
  • Max2Originale - Maxi Gel Remover
  • Micropore 1/2" Tape
  • Hydrogel Eyemasks - 2 Pairs
  • Blue Micro-brushes - 10 ct
  • Mascara Wands - 10 ct
  • Lash Tile
  • Headband
  • Magic Pack
  • Supreme Adhesive 5G

The first 4 products alone cost $133. However, the Cartel Lash’s Lash Kit for Beginners costs $99. It’s a win-win, huge savings and amazing quality products at the same time!

Save time buying an eyelash extension kit

The benefit to purchasing a lash kit is that someone has already put all the products you need into a bundle for you, all you need to do is spend a few extra minutes double checking all the products included are the brands you like or of good quality. 

An eyelash extension kit provides you with a snapshot and give you an idea of which lash supplies you will want to try or are potentially missing out on. This will save you a lot of time browsing all the products in a store or on a website, and more time doing lash extensions!

Lash tech applying eyelash extensions from kit. Cartel Lash 

Purchasing a lash kit might be ideal for you especially if you are getting your lash supplies from a physical store. If you find a kit that has everything you need, you won’t have to spend a lot of time inside the store searching for products. 

Easy and convenient to buy an eyelash extension kit

Lash kits and bundles are very convenient and easy to purchase compared to buying each product individually

In addition, purchasing an eyelash extension kit is the best way to discover new and improved eyelash extension products. You can expand the list of products you use and potentially discover tools, supplies, and accessories that you may not have otherwise purchased. You may find that these items help up your lashing game by improving your style and speed.

Tools in eyelash extension kit include golden tweezers, microbrush, and under eye patches. Cartel Lash

Eyelash extension kit curated by pro lash artists

Lash kits are put together by expert and professional lash techs to fit your level of expertise. There is an eyelash extension kit for beginners, intermediate, and expert lash artists. Many lash kits are designed for a specific lashing level and technique. 

Let us take the same example we used before, Cartel Lash’s Lash Kit for Beginners comes with our best-selling Supreme Adhesive with a 1 to 2 seconds drying time. It is great for practicing and improving your skills.

Volume fan made from eyelash extension kit being dipped into lash glue. Cartel Lash

If you want to improve your speed and accuracy, it is best to try lash adhesives with a quicker drying time than you are used to. Don’t forget that no matter what products you use, practice makes perfect. 

There are various eyelash extension kits available in the market to choose from. Check them out yourself and see which one is the perfect fit for your current skill set. Look at the products included in the kits, check the brands and reviews, this will help you determine if you are getting the best value for your money.

Your eyelash extension kit will grow as you do as a lash tech. Visit Cartel Lash for all your lash extension supplies needs. If you need help putting together a lash kit, contact us at 📞 (604) 437-0011 today!