Are There Waterproof Lash Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions?

by Joan Wong

This is the most commonly asked question by many lash lovers and clients, as they all want to know if they can get their lashes wet. The simple answer is yes and no. There are a few factors to consider before you can explain this concept fully to your clients

Woman in the shower getting lash adhesive wet. Cartel Lash

If you were to tell your clients that the glue is waterproof they may get the wrong impression that they can shower right away, for as long as they want and soak their eyelash extensions in water, with little or no affect to their sets and still look super fresh and new. This can be confusing because lash artists advise clients to regularly wash their eyelashes, but remember this is only for short periods of time with lots of TLC. Ultimately, giving your clients a well rounded answer will help them take care of their lashes and increase the longevity of their sets. 

Taking the time to explain first what lash adhesives are, the factors that affect its bond, and what helps strengthen the bond can help increase lash retention and overall customer satisfaction. 

What is lash adhesive?

Eyelash glue is used to bond eyelash extensions to natural eyelashes. It is specially formulated with cyanoacrylate, a fast drying bonding agent, which is responsible for holding the lash extensions in place. In order to kick start the curing process of your lash glue, it needs the right amount of moisture in the air. This is why the ideal humidity and temperature is critical in your lash space.

That being said, you shouldn’t saturate your client’s eyelashes with water or it will affect the retention in a negative way. This means too much moisture will cure the glue too quickly causing weak bonds and premature fallout. Oftentimes as a precaution, lash artists will tell clients to avoid getting their extensions wet for at least 24 hours to avoid this very problem and to ensure the curing process is complete. 

Artist using lash adhesive during treatment. Cartel Lash

Is lash adhesive waterproof?

The biggest misconception is that clients cannot have a bath or shower when they have eyelash extensions. This is NOT true! However, as mentioned earlier, as a precaution you should advise your clients to keep their lashes dry for 24 to 48 hours after the lash application.

Why? The chemical process of curing each layer can take hours to complete. During lashing, the exterior layer of the glue is dry, so you can continue applying the next extension, but the inner layers are not fully cured. Interrupting this process, of the individual layers curing, could play a big role in poor retention. 

Water resistant 

That being said, if your clients are careful they can still have a shower and most importantly, clean their eyelashes. You need to emphasize the importance of cleaning their eyelashes and a proper aftercare routine to help their lashes last long. 

Woman brushing her eyelash extensions with lash brush. Cartel Lash

Can be oil resistant 

The eyelash extension glue is fully cured and dry after 48 hours. The bond is strong at this point, but it can still become brittle and break down if not taken care of. 

Tell your clients to wash and clean their eyelashes daily to remove all dirt and oil accumulated in their lash line. Even though the lash glue is cured, it can still break down when too much oil and dirt build and are not removed. 

What helps lash adhesive with retention

All lash artists strive to provide beautiful eyelashes and amazing service. However, there are things we cannot always control, like for example, what our clients do after they leave their appointment. Their daily routines, how they sleep, and their overall lifestyle will greatly affect the bond of the adhesive. 

For this very reason it is vital to your business to provide aftercare expertise to ensure quality retention. Keeping your clients up to date with how and why they need to regularly clean their lashes is important but here are 2 products that can help strengthen the lash bonds during application.

Lash adhesive accelerants 

A lash adhesive accelerant is used to speed up the curing process of the lash glue you used. The great thing about accelerants is it doesn’t cause shock polymerization which can weaken the bond of the adhesive. Not only will your application time be shorter but the use of an accelerator will boost the overall curing time of the adhesive ensuring your adhesive has added protection from exposure to too much moisture (within that initial 24-48 hours window).

Woman getting lash extensions with bottle of lash adhesive beside face. Cartel Lash

Apply the lash glue accelerant to the strip of lash extensions. You need to work hand in hand with your lash adhesive for this. Keep applying the accelerator frequently, every 45 minutes to an hour. 

Ruthie Belle - Adhesive Superdry 

Ruthie Belle Adhesive Superdry is both an eyelash adhesive accelerator and a lash primer. A lash primer is usually used before applying lash extensions to remove any remaining residue and to create an ideal pH level for retention. While a lash accelerator is used during application to speed up the curing process. Combining both lash primer and accelerator could save you a lot of time, money and effort. 

Ruthie Belle Adhesive Superdry contains natural extracts to nourish your client’s natural lashes while strengthening the bond of the lash adhesive you used. For easy application, Ruthie Belle Adhesive Superdry comes with a brush. However, for hygienic purposes artists may opt to use a single use lint free applicator instead. 

If you want to cure the adhesive instantly, cover 1mm to 2mm of the lash extensions with this primer/accelerator while it is still on the lash strip. This go-to adhesive Superdry can really come to the rescue if you are having trouble maintaining an optimum humidity range. 

The best lash adhesive for retention

Another way for you to help make sure the lash extensions you apply on your clients stay for a long time is by using good-quality and professional eyelash extension glue. There are many lash adhesives with amazing retention available in the market and it can be confusing to choose the right one. Here are my top 3 picks:

Use a lash glue accelerator when attaching extensions with lash tweezers. Cartel Lash

Ruthie Belle - Dark Matter 

Ruthie Belle Dark Matter is an oil-resistant and quick drying lash glue. It only needs half a second to 1 second in order to bond and set. This lash glue does not contain any carbon black which is great for clients who are sensitive to this ingredient. It has minimal fumes decreasing the chances of eye irritation and tearing.

It has thin viscosity and medium elasticity making it easier to use. Dark Matter is ideal for intermediate to advanced lash techs. It contains castor oil which is known to have nourishing properties which promote eyelash growth and healthy skin.

A simple small dot of Ruthie Belle Dark Matter can last up to 5 hours. Making it very convenient and cost-efficient. 

LBLA Superhero Adhesive (5ml) 

Similar to Dark Matter, LBLA Superhero Adhesive only needs half a second up to 1 second to dry. This is ideal for advanced technicians and even some intermediate with great precision and speed. It has minimum fumes which are ideal for clients with sensitive skin.

It has a very thin consistency and seamless black color with a flexible structure making it easy to use and apply. The amazing part of this lash glue is that the retention can last up to 8 weeks if properly stored and if a daily aftercare routine is followed. This is very beneficial for your clients that like to go longer between fills. 

Woman getting lash fill with  lash adhesive and tweezers during lash extension procedure. Cartel Lash

If you are looking for an eyelash adhesive with a bond that can last up to 2 months and doesn’t cause eye tearing, LBLA Superhero Adhesive is for you.

LASHGOD Supernatural Bond 

Looking for a lash glue free from any formaldehyde, latex, or any irritating smell, LASHGOD Supernatural Bond is the one you need. This lash glue is oil-resistant and only needs 0.2 second up to 0.5 second to dry. Due to its exceptional quick dry time, you need to be a certified expert lash artist to be able to fully maximize its use.

It has high elasticity and medium viscosity. The fumes coming from this lash adhesive are super low, making this ideal for clients super sensitive to fumes and other irritants. Supernatural Bond has a jet black color and has a long shelf life

To help the retention, it comes with carrot seed oil to increase lash retention and strengthen lash bonds. The time you spend on every service will be greatly reduced, freeing up more time for you to accept more clients. 

There are still a lot of misconceptions when it comes to lash extensions making many newbies hesitant to get them. It is your responsibility, as the lash tech, to answer all your client’s questions and make them feel at ease. You might be surprised at how many new loyal clients you will gain with just a bit of explaining and patience.