7 Ways to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

by Joan Wong

We all want long and luscious eyelashes but sadly, not all are blessed with them. So, we rely on lash extensions. But having to go through fills, every 2 - 4 weeks can be time consuming and costly. We have gathered our best tips for your clients to follow to ensure their lashes have the very best retention!

How to make eyelash extensions last longer

With the right routine and proper tools, lash extensions can last longer without falling out prematurely! Here's how:

Cleanse using a shampoo

If your clients wear makeup regularly, it is necessary for them to cleanse their lashes every day using a special formulated lash shampoo. This will help remove any oil, dirt, and leftover makeup residue. Previously, we learned that “makeup is one of the leading causes of eyelash thinning” but what we haven’t talked about is how makeup affects your lash extensions. 

Borboleta Lash Bath - Gel Cleanser Cartel Lash

Makeup usually contains oils that weaken the bond between the lash extensions and our natural lashes making them prone to breakage and poor retention. Having clean lashes helps eyelash extensions last longer by removing the oils leftover by makeup and natural oils.  

We suggest using an oil-free foam cleanser, like Borboleta Lash Bath Gel Cleanser, daily.

Brush them with a spoolie or mascara wand

Using clean mascara wands or spoolies is the best and easiest way to comb through lash extensions. We suggest brushing extensions at least once a day, especially in the morning. Why? Because while sleeping, extensions can get messy and tangled.

Mascara wands for eyelash extensions in an ice cream cone on a pink background. Cartel Lash

Brushing extensions not only helps your lashes look neat and fluffy but it also helps to mechanically remove any buildup of makeup residue, skin cells, dirt, etc… but remember to comb through extensions slowly! Combing through lashes too quickly could result in accidentally pulling out tangled lashes- ouch!

If combing extensions out of the shower, be sure to allow the lashes to dry completely. Water can clump the extensions together making it very difficult to comb through easily without tugging.

Avoid sleeping on your face!

With eyelash extensions, the most ideal sleep position for your clients is on their back. Pressing their face, or part of their face, on their pillow is a sure way to damage eyelash extensions. The pressure may physically break or loosen the bonds of the lash adhesive causing the extensions to fall off prematurely.

Woman with eyelash extensions sleeping on her side. Cartel Lash

Wear a special sleep mask

A good way to prevent extensions from breaking or getting damaged while sleeping is by wearing a sleep mask specifically for eyelash extensions. These sleep masks cover the eye without touching the extensions and help protect from unconsciously rubbing and damaging.

Use eyelash extension friendly products

Choose only oil-free products 

Products that contain oil will damage lash extensions, so be extra careful in choosing and recommending products to clients.

Skip mascara

During your client consultation, ideally before application, ask your client their preference in length, volume, and curl. Doing this helps to ensure you give them the look they want to achieve, helping them ditch the mascara routine altogether. Also, mascara (especially waterproof mascara) is hard and tricky to remove, oftentimes clients will pull lash extensions out trying to remove their mascara.  

If clients still choose to use mascara, make sure it is mascara for lash extensions. They are specifically formulated to be extension friendly and are not as difficult to remove. 

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Procedure with mascara wand brushing. Cartel Lash

Having said that, mascara is a big no-no for volume extensions. Using it will close the beautiful fans, making your client’s sets look clumpy and messy. 

Look for an oil-free lash cleanser

For a gentle way to remove makeup and protect extensions, use an oil-free lash cleanser, such as Borboleta Break Down or LBLA Fluff Guard.

Use a lash sealant

Apply Borboleta Lash Sealant every morning after brushing eyelashes to help keep them in place.

Lash sealants are formulated to create a protective barrier on lash extensions against dirt and dust. They help hold eyelash extensions, as well, increasing the lash glue’s retention.

If clients invest in lash extensions, we recommend they invest in lash sealants as well. This is a very helpful and much-needed aftercare product for all lash extensions enthusiasts. Only recommend lash sealant for clients that choose classic eyelash extensions. 

Avoid playing with lash extensions

At all cost, DON’T PLAY WITH LASH EXTENSIONS! We can’t emphasize this enough. 

Woman with blue eyes touching classic eyelash extensions with finger. Cartel Lash

We know it’s hard to resist touching and playing with the extensions. Especially, when clients see a lash out of place or crooked, insist they resist the temptation to pull them off themselves. It WILL damage their natural eyelashes and disrupt their natural lash cycle. Instead, use an eyelash brush to help straighten the eyelash extensions out. 

Our #1 tip is always to be GENTLE when handling eyelashes, not just extensions but also natural lashes.

Who says lash extensions are easy to maintain? But with a proper routine and the right products and tools, clients can have amazing retention!