What to Look for in an Eyelash Extension Bed

by Joan Wong

Eyelash extension beds are one of the basic pieces of furniture you need in your lash room. It is where your clients will lay while you apply their eyelash extensions. The application process can take 1 to 3 hours depending on what service your client wants. The lashing bed you choose can greatly affect their comfort, as well as yours. 

Here are 6 things you need to look for when finding the right eyelash extension bed for your space

Ergonomic comfort

Not all beds are made equal, that includes lash extension beds. Making sure your lash bed is comfortable for your clients is very important. One factor to consider is how thick the cushion padding is. Over time, the padding will compress, resulting in little to no padding. When this happens the client will be able to feel the bed frame when lying down, making the lash bed uncomfortable. 

Woman in a lash salon doing eyelash extensions on a lash bed. Cartel Lash

Helping your clients get comfortable and relaxed is a sure way for you to ensure they will keep coming back to you. 

You can also add lash pillows and blankets to your space. A lashing pillow will cradle your client’s head and neck providing them with lots of support, especially if they fall asleep during the service. Providing clients with these extras will help them fall asleep and in turn can make their service time a lot faster. 

Adjustable Height

Find a bed that fits you ergonomically and helps with your posture while sitting. In order to do this, the bed you purchase needs to be adjustable. Don’t forget to consider your clients, if your bed is too high your  5’0” client may not be able to safely and easily get on and off your bed. Also, if your bed is too low, clients may have a hard time lying down and getting up after the service. 

Choose an eyelash extension bed with adjustable height so you and your client will both be comfortable throughout the whole session.

Optional Mobility

The mobility of your lash bed will depend on whether you need wheels or not. Wheels will let you easily move the bed around your lash room. It will be easier for you if you suddenly want to redecorate and move around your furniture. However, this is not for everyone. 

Close up of a roller wheel on a lash bed. Cartel Lash

That being said, lash extension beds without wheels can also be moved around. They are just a bit trickier to move and a 2 person (maybe even 3 person) job. 

The decision between a lash bed with or without wheels will depend on your preference.

Foldable and portable

This lash bed is currently the most common type being used. The reason being is that it is comfortable, cheap and easily mobile. Choosing this type of bed can also depend on what type of services you offer. Do you offer mobile home services or will you stay in your lash salon? If you provide mobile home services, having a portable and foldable lash extension bed is the option for you as it is easy to pack up and carry after each service. 


Ensure your lash bed has a warranty! This is very important if you are investing a lot of money into it. 

Most lash beds are advertised as massage beds or tables, not lashing beds and may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. But the majority of the larger massage companies will offer warranties on their lash beds which is great news for us, lash lovers! 

Lash bed with a lash chair on a green background. Cartel Lash

Double check the lash bed you buy comes with warranty. This is a great way to ensure that you are getting what you paid for. Remember to read the warranty agreement carefully. Keep your receipts and put them in a safe place as well. This is very important if you need to use your warranty later. 

Good price

Don’t always go for cheaper eyelash extension beds. Cheaper doesn’t always equate to more savings. To make the lash beds cheaper, manufacturers need to use cheaper by-products meaning they are not always as sturdy and durable. 

That being said, don’t always go for the most expensive lash beds either. Sometimes a high price does not always equal quality.

Balance is the key. Look for a lash bed with a good price tag and made from good-quality materials. Ensure it is durable, comfortable, and will fit the space and services you offer. Take the time to choose the right bed for you and your clients!

Why you should take the time to invest in a good lash extension bed

An eyelash extension application can last from an hour to 3 hours. This will depend on a lot of things including your expertise, the state of your client’s lash extensions, type of extensions, etc. Your client will need to sit or lie down for the whole duration of the application. This can be hard if your client is not comfortable in their position.

Blond woman getting eyelash extension treatment by lash tech. Cartel Lash

This is the main reason why you need to invest in a good lash extension bed. 

Whenever your client walks into the lash salon to meet you and has a lash extension application, you need to be able to provide the best experience. That includes not only providing lovely eyelash extensions but also making it an unforgettable and amazing experience. This will make sure your client comes back to you.

If your lash bed is not comfortable and your lash room is not relaxing, your client will not have a good experience during the whole procedure.

Make sure your lash room is properly designed, including the lash bed.