7 Ways to Show Your Best Lash Clients You Appreciate Them

by Joan Wong

The lash extension industry is a very cut-throat but rewarding industry. Good customer service can make all the difference your lash business might need to be on top. With the growing trend and demand for eyelash extensions, clients will have more options where they will go. As a lash artist, this is a bit problematic. That is why it is very important to show your clients you appreciate that they chose to be in your care.

How to show your clients you appreciate them

Here are 7 ways to help you show your appreciation to all your valued clients:

1. A thank you goes a long way

Believe it or not, a simple thank you goes a long way. Before they leave the premises or after the procedure, always make sure to say thank you. Let them know you appreciate their support and by choosing you to do the whole lash extension procedure.

Thank you words shaped in a heart. Cartel Lash

Applying or refilling eyelash extensions will take at least an hour to two hours, which is not a short time. Let your clients know you appreciate the time they spend with you. 

It also doesn’t hurt to make small talk with your clients. Ask them about how they're doing, their family, work, interests, etc. There are also times when a comfortable silence is preferred, it will depend on your client. Be sure to read the room.

2. Follow up after their appointment

A lot of people think that when a customer leaves the business, that’s the end of their obligation to their customer. However, in the lash extension industry, it is not the end of your responsibility. Following up after the appointment is very important. You can ask if they are having any allergic reactions, how it feels to have lash extensions, and if they do aftercare. These things are very important.

If you build rapport with your client while he or she is in your lash room, your client can easily open up and let you know if he or she encountered any problems. They will feel like you care about their well-being. This is good to enhance the client-lash artist relationship.

3. Show you listen

You and your clients will have to spend hours together during the whole procedure. Sharing each other’s stories is normal. Make sure you listen to your client’s stories. Be involved while your clients are telling their stories. You can also share things about yourself to make them more comfortable.

Seven active listening skills to use during eyelash extension treatment

Keep notes on the client file on the topics they have shared, such as their occupation, hobbies, kids or spouse’s name, or recent trips. When they come back for their next lash extensions appointment, don’t forget to follow up regarding the stories they shared. This will show that you are listening and makes them feel special that you remembered.

4. Offer a discount

This is a great gesture to show your appreciation. Offer discounts for your lash services to your valued customers. Let them know you appreciate them choosing you as their lash artist. Your clients will surely love it!

5. Surprise your clients with gifts

People love surprises. During special occasions, like your client’s birthday, or just to show you value their loyalty, surprise your clients with gifts. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. The thought alone will make a huge difference, especially during their birthdays. Remembering their birthday shows you listen to them and you appreciate their support. Give them something they can use like a mascara brush, foaming bottle, or their favorite lash foam cleanser.

Ruthie Belle Clean 11 Lash Foam Cleanser

6. Personalize your service to each client

Go out of your way and create a personalized service for every client. Remember, every client is unique and has their own needs, likes, and preferences. Base the services you offer and provide on your client’s preferences. Adding small things like using a scent your client loves to show your client that you appreciate them and put their needs first.

7. Keep a snack basket in the waiting area

For the busy people who rush to get their lashes done after work, having a snack basket is essential to keep their hunger at bay during the 1-2 hour fill or new set. And especially busy moms in general who are always on the go and not taking care of themselves will appreciate the gesture of putting their needs first.

Infographic of snacks. Chips, sandwiches, cookies, nuts, soda, water, juice, chocolate, candy.

Customer appreciation is very important in the lash industry. This will help build a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit. It is important for you to remember to always show you appreciate the trust and loyalty of your client for them to keep coming back for more.