10 Lash Pro Tips to Growing your Eyelash Salon

by Joan Wong

Are you new to the lash game? Or wanting to expand your clientele? It might be unnerving especially if you are unsure where to start. But remember, all businesses need to start somewhere. Every eyelash salon goes through this process. So, no need to feel pressured and overwhelmed. I am here to help you out with some key business development ideas. From social media to eyelash supplies, here are 9 tips to help build your lash clientele:

Create social media accounts for your eyelash salon

In this day and age, nearly everyone has their own social media account. Posting creative content, with images, has become somewhat effortless, as many of these platforms come with built in features and editing tools. Many small business owners choose to create separate pages and accounts specifically for their business, making it easier to manage both personal and professional accounts. 

The majority of lash entrepreneurs choose to focus on Facebook and Instagram because they are very common (Facebook has over 1 billion active users!). With Facebook, you can post images with ad copies (advertising copy and hashtags making it easier for you to target specific clientele.

Social media infographic to engage customers for eyelash salon. Cartel Lash

Meanwhile, Instagram is very visual. You can post images of your clients, the products you use, and your lash room. It is also easy to engage on Facebook and Instagram making both platforms very user friendly.

In more recent years, TikTok has also gained popularity, its content consists of short and entertaining video clips. Twitter, on the other hand, is a platform that is meant for quick short messages, shared between followers and other users. Twitter users can also link videos or other content to a post, making Twitter more versatile. Many businesses now use TikTok and Twitter to engage with clients. 

Post on your eyelash salon page regularly

Building clientele with the help of social media doesn’t end in just making the account or page, you have to post and update regularly. Set a few minutes a day to update your accounts and pages to increase engagement.

If you are running out of ideas, you can share a simple lash quote. Or post photos of the eyelash supplies you use. It is also a great idea to post clients before and after photos. But for this, you have to ask your client if they consent to you posting their photos. You can also share photos of your eyelash salon and lash room. 

Pro tip: always cite your source if you are reposting or using someone else’s content and don’t forget to ask for permission first whenever necessary!

Woman planning social media calendar for posts on eyelash salon page. Cartel Lash

Just make sure to be consistent and post regularly. This will let people know you are still active in the eyelash salon. Many content creators plan what they will post beforehand, using calendars to track down what they will post and when, this often makes posting more seamless and organized.

Also, this is a convenient and FREE way for you to advertise and market your expertise. Take advantage!

Request and repost reviews for your eyelash salon page

If your client is fully satisfied with your work, they will surely be willing to post reviews for you. This is why customer satisfaction is really important. As a lash artist and entrepreneur, you need to make sure your clients get the best service, products, and care. Always ensure your eyelash supplies are not past the expiration date by keeping track of the shelf life

Don’t hesitate to ask your clients for reviews. You can also repost the reviews they post on their own social media account. It is a great way to show possible clients of your work. 

Woman holding phone with social media reviews on eyelash salon page. Cartel Lash

People always check a company’s reviews before buying products or trying a service. For example, if you are going to buy an eyeshadow, would you buy from a store with zero reviews over a store with hundreds of happy customer reviews? Of course not, you will buy from the store with many happy customer reviews. This is an example of how customer reviews can affect your business.

Review platforms like Yelp and Google can also help bring more clientele. Creating a business account on these sites is easy to do and free. Clients can post reviews and photos, as well as find a business's contact information, hours and website. 

Ask friends and family to share your eyelash salon page

Never hesitate to ask for help from your family and friends. They are the ones who would love to see you succeed. Don’t be shy to ask for support. 

When you are starting your eyelash salon, it is only normal to have your family and friends as your first clients or models. Once you feel more confident, you can ask them for more feedback with your work.

Before and after of eyelash extension procedure on woman at eyelash salon. Cartel Lash

From there, ask them to post a photo or review on their social media accounts. This will help you expand your clientele by spreading the word to their friends, family, and colleagues.

You would be surprised to see how much support you’ll receive from the people you know and trust!

Share useful information on your eyelash salon page

This is important. Sharing useful information about your business and yourself, as a lash artist or entrepreneur, keeps you relevant and relatable. 

For example, if you underwent different training programs to learn and improve your lashing skills, you can share it on your business accounts and pages. This will build and increase your trust rating, most especially if you can show pieces of evidence, such as certificates, photos taken with experts in the lash biz. These posts help build your brand and overall reputation. 

Think about it, if you want to have your car fixed, will you hire someone with training and experience or a person without any kind of training, like a total newbie? Of course, you will hire a person with training and experience. 

Lash mapping during an eyelash extension treatment at eyelash salon. Cartel Lash

If you took training on how to apply volume lashes, post it on your accounts and pages. This could be a photo of all the amazing fans you created while practicing and in the comments you could shout out your volume trainer! Lash enthusiasts appreciate the time and energy it takes to master a new skill!

Offer reward system and discounts at your eyelash salon

A great way to show your gratitude and appreciation towards your clients is to offer discounts and a reward system. When your clients are happy about the services, products, and rewards they get and experience, they will surely let their friends know about it. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to expand your clientele. 

Most importantly, building good relationships with your clients is the best way for them to keep coming back. Offering discounts or a reward system can help improve that relationship.

TIP: Offer a referral discount to your loyal clients. This will make sure they come back and bring friends too!

Ensure professional and consistent service every time

Make sure the services you offer are always consistently good. Whenever your client has a great experience and outstanding results, your client will let their friends know about it. However, if they don’t get consistent results, your client will also let their friends know. This is not good for your lash salon’s image. 

Happy woman with eyelash extensions at eyelash salon. Cartel Lash

Clients like knowing what to expect and value reliability. If you make it a point to never run late or cut corners while lashing, clients will value that professionalism and in turn your reputation and brand become known for such things. 

Follow up with clients

Customer satisfaction is one of the ways to gain client loyalty and expand your clientele. Checking in with your clients after a service or a product purchase gives them the opportunity to share with you what they liked or disliked. If a client had a bad experience, they may not feel comfortable reaching out to you on their own, following up with them gives you a chance to sort out any issues that would prevent them from coming back. 

Use quality lash supplies 

Always make sure the products you use and sell in your lash salon are of great quality. Buy eyelash extensions online at Cartel Lash to ensure consistent eyelash supplies every time.

Lash products and tools at eyelash salon. Cartel Lash

Don’t forget your space matters too! Make sure your lash rooms should be relaxing, welcoming, and comfortable to ensure your clients can rest and have a calming experience. These are other things you can do to make sure your clients are happy and content with the services and products you offer.