5 Tips on How to Start a Business as a New Lash Tech

by Joan Wong

Starting any type of business is very hard and complicated. But, it is a very rewarding and exciting experience. There are many things you need to consider and think about. Primarily, the type of business you will start. We recommend going for a business that you enjoy. For lash enthusiasts, starting your own lash business might be the perfect fit. 

You can start your own lash salon by offering various lash extension services, selling eyelash extension supplies, or even offering other beauty services like a lash lift. For a new lash tech with limited budgets, you can start providing lash services in your home or your clients’ houses, this is a great way to limit your overhead expenses. 

However, the lash industry is very popular and the competition is fierce. You might be wondering if you can make it in this industry and be successful. Don’t doubt yourself and your skills. You can do it! Here are our tips on how you can successfully start your own lash business even if you are a new lash tech.

Lash tech applying extensions on client in new business. Cartel Lash

1. Get certified by a well-known and reputable company!

There are many types of services you can offer in your lash business. You can offer different types of eyelash extension applications, lash lifts, lash tints, etc. However, clients will doubt your skills and expertise if you can’t show the necessary certificates and qualifications for these services.

As we mentioned before, the lash industry is very popular and the competition is intense. A lash lover, first time or otherwise, will only trust a lash tech who can show certificates and real reviews. In this day and age, we tend to rely more on proof rather than trying them out ourselves. 

In addition, certificates and licenses can help show your professionalism and legality of the services you offer and your lash business.

There are many eyelash extension training programs you can choose from. Look for those with reputable names and provide certificates. Check the reviews before enrolling in these training programs.

2. Research your target market to acquire new clients as a new lash tech

Identify your target market, competition, and demographics. Do your research properly and thoroughly. You need to get a clear idea and picture of who you are going to serve and offer your services to. If you know who your target clients are, it will be easier for you to know what kind of eyelash extension services you can offer in your lash business to attract more customers.

You can do your research online or in person. 

Look for lash businesses around the area, what services do they offer, and at what price point? If no businesses are focusing on eyelash extensions and lashes, it is a clear sign that you SHOULD start your lash business.

Research your target your market as a new lash tech. Cartel Lash

3. Decide whether you want to open a home studio or lease space as a new lash tech

The next tip is to decide on the setup of your lash studio. As a new lash tech, you need to understand the importance of giving a good first impression. Especially because this is your first business venture and you need to build your lash reputation from the ground up

You have two options, opening a home studio or renting a lash salon. Both have their pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide which one will work best for you. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of having a home studio vs a salon.

Home Lash Studio


  • Maintain your own schedule and hours.
  • No commute is needed.
  • No or minimal rental fees (depending on if you have your own space)
  • Control how your business improves
  • Security and insurance will depend on you (double edge sword)


  • You will do everything. From scheduling appointments, promotions, checking your lash supplies, etc.
  • Work-life balance will be challenging.
  • Security and insurance will depend on you. Running a lash business is tricky. Emergencies and accidents can happen. 

Eyelash Extension Procedure by a lash tech. Cartel Lash

Beauty Lash Salon (Leasing with other techs)


  • Meeting other lash artists or beauty professionals 
  • Big investment, possibly high rewards (double edge sword)
  • Looks more professional and gives better first impressions
  • Hire people to manage your schedule, bookings, and promotions. (Can also be a disadvantage)
  • More space


  • Needs big capital
  • No time flexibility 
  • No work-life balance if you are the owner, especially in the beginning
  • Maintain a lease and pay for utilities 
  • Need to commute to work
  • Hiring people to work and/or manage the salon

Both lash set-ups will require you to purchase all the necessary lash extension tools, products, and eyelash extension aftercare supplies. You also need to purchase all the furniture such as lash beds, chairs, pillows, lights, etc.

4. Create a business strategy, budget, pricing, and goals

To have a successful lash business, you need to create a plan. There are many things you need to do to ensure your success. 

First is the business strategy. Focus on your vision.

Next is to identify your budget. This will include the following:

  • Lash training programs and certifications.
  • Business registration and license.
  • Insurance
  • Monthly overhead costs
  • Salary of your employees (if you have any)
  • Equipment, furniture, décor, renovation (if needed), lash supplies, products, and tools you need.  This will include eyelash extensions, tweezers, lash glues, etc.

  • Beauty salon where a lash tech can open a successful business. Cartel Lash

    Then, pricing your lash extensions services. In tip #2, we talked about the importance of research. This includes researching your competitors. You need to make sure the price you put on your services can compete with the other lash businesses in your area.

    Lastly, identify your lash business goals. List down all the goals you want your lash business to achieve. Include the time frame and period when each goal should be accomplished. This will greatly help in setting yourself on track. As a new lash tech, it is easy to go astray. By listing all your goals before you start your lash business, you can stay on track and do your best to achieve these said goals.

    5. As a lash tech, you need to stock quality lash supplies and tools

    This tip is important, especially for those who choose to do everything by themselves. You need to be on top of your lash supplies. You can’t run out of eyelash extensions, lash adhesives, cleansers, removers, and other lash supplies. In addition, you need to have the right tools to apply lash extensions, such as tweezers, brushes, lash tiles, etc. Keep up to date with your inventory, you never want to run out of something, especially if it's for aftercare and in high demand. 

    How to get more customers as a beginner lash tech

    There are various ways to help you attract more customers as a beginner lash tech. You will need to do the following:

  • Create social media accounts for your lash business. Use your business name and logo. 
  • Update your social media accounts. Post client reviews on social media platforms. Make sure to include photos.
  • Practice with your friends and family. As a new lash tech, you need to ask for help from your family and friends. They will be your first customers. It is also a brilliant way to practice your lash extension application skills.

  • As a new lash tech and business owner, do not hesitate to ask for help. Your family and friends will surely help you out. They can share their experiences with their friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is a free and effective way to advertise your new lash business.

    Benefits to starting your own lash business as a new lash tech

    There are many benefits to starting your own lash business as a new lash tech. Here are a few:

  • You are your own boss. You have full control of everything regarding your lash business. From the lash services, you offer, pricing, products, and even your own working hours.
  • Flexibility. Workaround your own schedule! No need to ask for time off 
  • Make your own money. You can control your own money. You control your finances and money.
  • Growth. You have the opportunity to grow as a lash tech, entrepreneur, and person.

  • Volume eyelash extension treatment done by a lash tech. Cartel Lash

    If there are benefits to starting your own lash business, there are also downsides. Mostly, it is your work-life balance. You can work as much as you want and no one can control how many clients you want to take. ONLY YOU. But the key to work-life balance is discipline and knowing what your limit is. 

    Starting a lash business is hard. But with a little discipline, guidance, time, effort, and help from your family and friends you can turn your hobby into a thriving lash business.

    For more information on all the eyelash extension supplies you need as a lash tech, visit Cartel Lash or call us 📞 (604) 437-0011 to speak to a product specialist!