Lash Extension Supplies You Need as a Beginner Lash Tech

by Joan Wong

When first starting your lashing career, shopping for lash extension supplies and products can be overwhelming. Especially if you are doing the shopping yourself. There are so many different brands and products to choose from. When you are new to the lashing game, don't forget how important it is to read reviews of lash supplies in Canada before purchasing, whenever possible choose to support local businesses. 

Remember, not all products are made equal. Some might be low quality while some are not. Every lash tech has their own preferences and each client might need different products.

In addition, visiting different retail stores in person is time-consuming. Cartel Lash can make your lash extension supplies shopping easy! We have listed all the lash extension supplies a beginner should have on hand when starting their lash biz. 

Close up of lash supplies used in eyelash extension procedure. Cartel Lash

Lash extension supplies you need

Here are 8 essentials we think you’ll need: 

Eyelash extensions

High-quality eyelash extensions are a must! Do not be tempted by a cheap price when purchasing your selection of lashes. 

There are numerous types of eyelash extensions depending on the curl type, length, and diameter. Each client has unique features and there are specific lash extensions for each eye shape. You will need to have a wide range of eyelash extensions for clients to choose from. For curl type, there are:

  • B Curl
  • C Curl
  • CC Curl
  • D Curl
  • J Curl
  • L+ Curl
  • And many more, depending on what brand you are looking at

Lash extension supplies include extensions and spoolie. Cartel Lash

The length of your extensions can vary from 4mm up to 22 mm. While the diameter or thickness can range from 0.03 mm up to 0.3 mm. Keep in mind, the thicker diameters are not for everyday use and you should hold off on purchasing anything thicker than 0.15, which are used for classic lashes. 

A suggestion would be to start with 4-5 mixed trays with varying lengths in each tray. Do not purchase too much too soon. It will be a waste for beginner lash techs if your lash extensions are stuck in your storage.

Invest in quality lash extensions. Low-quality extensions tend to lose their curl quicker. Also, low-quality lash extensions tend to look more fake compared to high-quality ones. No client unnatural-looking lashes, especially if the curl relaxes. 

Lash glue

The lash adhesive is next on our list of must-haves. You must do your research before purchasing a lash adhesive! 

Every lash adhesive is formulated for a specific lashing speed. We highly recommend purchasing the lash glue that will match your lashing speed. If you want to challenge your precision and speed, you can choose a more fast-drying lash adhesive like Supreme Lash Glue. However, when you are learning, try one bottle first and practice on a lashing mannequin. 

Also, there are specific ingredients used to make a lash adhesive. Some of these might cause irritation for clients with sensitive skin and eyes. We highly recommend finding a high-quality lash glue, one colorless, and one latex-free eyelash glue like LASHGOD Magical Bond Adhesive.

Lash extension supplies such as glue and extension. Cartel Lash

Having your go-to adhesive plus other specially formulated ones can be beneficial when coming across a client with known sensitives. If budget is an issue, waiting to purchase the special adhesives till you need them is always a good option as well. 

Lash primer

A lash primer is very important to ensure long-lasting lash extensions. The lash primer is the one responsible for removing all the remaining residue and oils left on your client’s natural eyelashes and lash line before the application. 

Using the right lash primer can improve the retention and bond of the lash adhesive you use.

Lash tweezers

No lash extensions and lash lift supplies in Canada are complete without the lash tweezers! 

Lash tweezers are an essential tool in any lash extension application. Extensions are small and thin, you need to use precision tools to pick them up and attach them to your client’s natural lashes. There are 7 different types of tweezers, namely:

  • I Shape
  • F Shape
  • A Shape
  • X Shape
  • S Shape
  • L Shape
  • Round Shape

Lash extension supplies include different shaped tweezers. Cartel Lash

Each type is specially designed for a specific use, either for isolation or application. There are also specific types of tweezers depending on the type of lash extensions. For example, use straight tweezers or I shaped for classic eyelash extensions. While for volume lashes, you need to use an L shape or curved tweezers.

We highly recommend investing in high-quality and durable lash tweezers. These lash extension supplies are NOT disposable. It is best to choose long-lasting tweezers that you can use for years. Don’t forget to have an extra set of your favorite, everyday use tweezers, you just never know when you might need them!  

Lash cleanser

Cleansing the natural eyelashes and lash line thoroughly is necessary to make sure your extensions have the best bond and retention. Choose the right lash cleanser with a deep cleaning formulation to remove all the stubborn residue and oil in your client’s lashes without drying their natural eyelashes.

Add an effective lash cleanser to your must-have lash extension supplies list. Remember to have some on hand to sell to your clients so they are able to clean their lashes at home too! Aftercare is a must!

Lash tape

Choose a lash tape that leaves no residue behind and is gentle enough for all clients. 

The lash tape is one of the most underrated lash extension supplies but it is one of the most useful and helpful. During the eyelash extension application, you need to tape the lower lashes to make it easier for you to attach extensions at the top. Also, a lash tape is useful when layering and keeping lashes in the same directions.

Lash brushes and microbrushes

You might think that you don’t need lash brushes and microbrushes, but you are wrong. Having them in your cart and within reach during the lash extension application will be a HUGE help. You need to comb and brush the eyelashes to make sure they are not sticking out and at a strange angle. Lash brushes can make sure eyelash extensions stay separated.

In addition, microbrushes can ensure no debris is stuck in between your client’s eyelashes when cleansing them. 

Lash extension supplies such as microbrushes for treatments. Cartel Lash

These items are single use, so letting your clients leave with the one you use will help them brush their lashes regularly. 


A nanomister can cut the drying and curing time of the lash adhesive you used on your client. By using a nanomister, you can cut the curing time from 24-48 hours down to 4-10 hours. As a result, your client has fewer chances of pulling or damaging their lash extensions.

Extra lash extension supplies

Here are other lash extension supplies you need to have before starting your own lash journey:

  • Eyelash Extension Remover: If you can apply lash extensions, you should definitely be able to remove them. There are cases when refills can’t be done and a complete removal is first needed before an eyelash extension application.
  • Lash Tile or head band:  where you place the strips of lashes you will be using during application
  • Jade Stone: Used for keeping the eyelash extension adhesive from drying too quickly. 
  • Lash Sealant and Serum: Used to help strengthen the bond and retention of the lash extensions. They also contain vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for your client’s natural lashes. Also, advise your client to use them daily.
  • Glue Ring or Holder: It can be used to hold your lash adhesive, primer, and remover to make your application or removal quicker and more convenient.
  • Where to buy lash extension supplies?

    Lash extension supplies for eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

    You can shop your lash extension supplies in various physical stores, checking them one by one and purchasing what you need in different stores. However, this is not always convenient. Especially, if the eyelash extension supplies you are looking for can only be found in other countries. Also, walking all day, checking the products, and comparing the pricing in different physical stores is tiring and time-consuming. Not everyone has the stamina, time, and energy to do it.

    But if you do your lash extension supplies shopping here at Cartel Lash, you won’t have to leave your cozy homes, and no need to travel! We have different high-quality products and lash supplies from popular brands in the USA, Europe, and Korea. In addition, we carry products from well-established and famous brands in the eyelash extensions industry, such as the following:

    • Borboleta
    • Eyelash Maker
    • Glamcor
    • Lash Artisan
    • LashGod
    • LBLA
    • Max2Originale
    • Revolashion
    • Ruthie Belle
    • Sugarlash
    • Untamed Artistry

    You can get your hands on different affordable, high-quality, and excellent lash extension supplies here at Cartel Lash. Contact us today at  📞 (604) 437-0011 and our friendly product specialist will help you choose the right product you need.