How to Add Upsell Options to Your Lash Services

by Joan Wong

Upselling is one of the most used and highly effective marketing tactics. Every store, business, retail, and company both physical and online uses upselling. It helps encourage existing clients to spend more on your business and helps attract new clients and customers. Upselling is the best way to introduce new products and services you offer and increase the revenue of your business.

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Here are some upsell options you can add to your current lash services.

Recommend aftercare products 

When you spend time with your clients, you tend to get to know them better. Based on that and the services you provide, you can easily recommend the products your client might and should be using. 

Aftercare treatment is one of the most important things your clients need to do to extend the life of their lash extensions. As the lash technician, you have to let your clients know how to properly look after their extensions. This is the best way for you to recommend aftercare products. These are 5 aftercare routines and products your clients should always do and have:

1. Mascara wands and brushes

Offer your client spoolies. A clean lash brush is necessary to make sure your lashes don’t clump together and no dust or dirt is left behind. The bristles have to be soft because your eyelashes and eye area are very sensitive. Your client needs to do this daily and be gentle while brushing their lashes.

Let your client know that not all brushes are made equal. Using a spoolie made especially for eyelash extensions is necessary. Explain to them why normal cotton pads or towels should not be used to clean and brush their lashes. They might be tempted to do so. It is very important to explain that the extensions might get caught in the fibers and lint from cotton pads and towels causing premature shedding.

The most important reminder for clients is to not use the spoolie when lashes are wet. It causes a lot of wear and tear on the extensions, which could lead to lashes falling out prematurely.

Mascara wand brushing out long eyelash extensions on woman. Cartel Lash

2. Clean lashes

Cleaning your lash extensions daily is one of the best ways to prolong its lifespan. If your client does not clean their extensions regularly, filling appointments will be much longer and it will be harder to do. That is why it is very important to tell your client to clean their lashes every day or more throughout the day depending on the client. For example, clients who work out, have more oily eyelids, use sunscreen often or sweat during the warmer months, will need to clean their lashes and wash their face more frequently.

Woman with hair tied splashes water on her face to wash it. Cartel Lash

To clean them thoroughly, use the right lash cleaners and cloths. Remember, lash extensions are very sensitive and not just any cleansers will do. Then brush them afterward when the extensions are dry. 

3. Protect lashes

After cleaning the lash extensions, it is advisable to add a coat of lash sealant and serum. Lash sealants leave a protective layer that conditions and nourishes natural lashes and protects them from dust, dirt, water, and debris. While a growth serum helps make the natural lashes healthier. These two products are great to ensure the natural eyelashes of your clients are strong and healthy. Tell your clients that they have to look after both their natural lashes and extensions.

It’s important to let clients know to follow the instructions of what is suggested of the serum or sealant on clean lashes and skin area for the best results. 

Max2Originale Protective Lash Sealant - Cartel Lash

4. Oil-free products 

Oil can make the lash adhesive brittle and break easily. It is best to let your clients know that wearing eye makeup with oil and using removers and cleansers with oil can break the bond of the adhesive you use. 

Advise your clients to use the proper oil-free products in makeup removers and cleansers. This will prolong the life of their extensions and delay the filling in appointments.

Various lash and face creams squeezed into dime amounts. Cartel Lash

5. Specially formulated makeup

If your clients love wearing makeup to accentuate their eyes, it is best to recommend using specially formulated eye makeup, such as eyeliner and mascara that is not harmful to their extensions. Remind them of the importance of oil-free makeups and water-based mascaras. 

Don’t forget to tell your clients not to wear waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. This is very important because these types of makeup are hard to remove and will need a lot of effort leading to rubbing which is harmful to the extensions.

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Offer bundles

Offering bundles is a great and subtle way of pushing products to your clients. This is a better alternative to you selling various products and services individually. It is less pushy and you can explain why these products and services are bundled up together. Don’t forget to iterate the benefits and the savings they will get if they avail of the offered bundles.

Tailor recommendations to your client

This is the most recommended option to help you upsell products and your services. Every sales pitch should be based on what your client needs. Every person has their own needs, routines, interests, and skin type. It is best to offer recommendations based on the needs of your client. Don’t just randomly offer products and bundles because you will gain more profit if you sell them. Keep in mind that your clients trust you to put their needs first, it is best to not forget that and break that trust.

While you are upselling the services and products you offer, it is best not to look too pushy. Be subtle but confident. Don’t look intimidated. And make sure you know the products and services you are upselling. If not, your client will be able to identify if you are bluffing or not. Always highly recommend the benefits that they can enjoy when they avail the products, services, and bundles you offer. 

Lastly, always put your clients’ needs first. That is what every lash technician should do to be able to gain the trust of their clients. Your clients will feel it if you are genuine or if you are just focused on the profit.