5 Best Cleansers to Use on Your Eyelash Extensions

by Joan Wong

We all know lash extensions are expensive and you also spend a lot of time on the procedure. So, lash aftercare is an important step and highly advised! 

One of the best ways to maintain your luscious and long eyelash extensions is to clean them with a gentle makeup remover. Yes! Even though you are not wearing any makeup. It is best to wash your lashes for healthy and clean lashes. And most importantly, cleaning all the dirt, debris and oil buildup accumulated during the day.

How often do you have to wash your eyelash extensions

We recommend you wash your lash extensions everyday. But if you wear makeup, it is especially important to wash them daily. This is to avoid makeup residue buildup in your lash extensions causing the bond to weaken and fall off, prematurely. 

What’s the best way to remove eye makeup

On How to Clean Mascara Off Your Eyelash Extensions, we talked about the importance of using cleansers when removing your mascara. But the truth is, we need to clean our extensions every 3 days to help keep our eyelash extensions last longer. And the best way to do that is to use lash cleansers. But which one? Here, we listed five of the best lash extension-friendly cleansers:

Borboleta Lash Bath - Foam Cleanser

This foam cleanser is formulated to replenish and hydrate your lashes without damaging your lash extensions. Some of the ingredients used are amino acids and moisture-binding hyaluronic acid known for their strengthening and conditioning properties. 

Borboleta Lash Bath Foam Cleanser is 100% safe to be used daily, even for
people with sensitive eyes. 

Dispense 1-2 pumps into your palm and gently apply to your lids and lashes with a brush. BE GENTLE. Then, rinse well and pat dry with a reusable face cloth.

Borboleta Lash Bath Foam Cleanser for eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Borboleta Lash Bath - Gel Cleanser

Formulated with the same formula and goal as the Borboleta foam cleanser, this gel cleanser also used amino acids and moisture-binding hyaluronic acid. The only difference is this one is in gel form.

Borboleta Lash Bath Gel Cleanser for eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

LBLA Bubble Lash Shampoo

Perfect for deep cleaning your lash extensions, LBLA Bubble Lash Shampoo’s main feature is its very gentle, non-burning formula. This lash shampoo was developed using the same PH level as your skin, meaning they are great even if you have sensitive skin.

It is perfect as your everyday oil-free makeup remover. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly and pat dry using eyelash towels.

LBLA Bubble Lash Shampoo for lash extensions. Cartel Lash

Keratin Lash Shampoo

We greatly advised that you only use oil-free eye makeup and water washable eye makeup but if you use waterproof eye makeup without meaning to, how can you remove it? The answer would be this Keratin Lash Shampoo. 

It contains Keratin and Panthenol known for their skin conditioning. This lash bath shampoo removes dirt, oil, and makeup without irritating and stinging your sensitive eye area. It will not leave any pore-clogging residue as it completely removes all residue even your waterproof eye makeup

Just remember to shake well before using it and rinse thoroughly about 5-6 times. Then pat dry using a lint-free cloth or makeup remover cloth. Just be gentle!

Bottle and box of Keratin Lash Shampoo for lash extensions. Cartel Lash

LBLA Fluff Guard

Specifically formulated for cleaning eyelashes and lash extensions, this LBLA Fluff Guard is made to remove oil, dirt, protein, and eyeshadow, effectively. This is NOT a makeup remover. This is for cleaning your lashes or if you want to make your fans look more fluffy.

This Fluff Guard does NOT need to be rinsed and dried. We highly recommend using this before your lash application to remove oil and proteins. This will greatly help with your lash extensions to bond properly and for a long time.

Oil-free LBLA Fluff Guard Cleanser for eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Cleansing your lashes is an important everyday routine, especially if you have eyelash extensions. To keep them clean, healthy and firmly bonded to your natural lashes use specially formulated lash cleansers is the only way to go!