How to Clean Mascara Off Eyelash Extensions

by Joan Wong

First and foremost, choose a mascara specially formulated to be safe for eyelash extensions. If you are making an investment and spending some of your precious time, you should at least take care of your investment. You want to use oil-free and water-based mascara, like Max2Originale Special Mascara Gold, because it is water washable with moisturizing formula perfect for extensions.

Avoid fiber mascaras at all costs. Its body-building fibers will get tangled in your extensions and will be impossible to remove.

Now that we are done choosing your lash extension-friendly mascara, let’s proceed to talk about how we can clean and remove your mascara. It’s especially important to regularly clean your extensions to make them last longer by removing dead skin cells, dirt, makeup residue, and oil.

Green-eyed woman showing her volume eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Cleaning Lash Extensions for Wearers

Use an oil-free makeup remover

Oil-free remover is your best bet when it comes to removing and wiping off your mascara on your lash extensions. Oil loosens the bond or your adhesive and makes your extensions prematurely break and fall out. 

Choose an oil-free gentle makeup remover that you are comfortable with. You can use Borboleta Makeup Remover or Ruthie Belle Cleaning 11.

Choose a cleanser specifically for eyelash extensions

After removing your mascara, use a specially formulated oil-free lash cleanser to clean your lash extensions. By choosing a lash foam cleanser, it will ensure your lash glue will not lose its bond.

TIP: When cleaning your eyelids, don’t rub back and forth, this will be too harsh on your extensions.

Use an eyelash extension brush

Brushes are very convenient especially when cleaning your lash line and removing those oil or any residue. This eyelash brush can also be used to effectively and easily apply primer, remover, and sealer. This is one of the safest ways to apply your remover than scrubbing and applying your makeup remover using your fingers.

Pat around your eyes with an eyelash towel

After washing, pat dry your eyelids using a makeup remover cloth, we recommend LBLA Break Up Make Up Mitts. Always go for a lint-free or microfiber towel and let your lashes air dry. NEVER use a cloth towel because some cloth fibers will stick on your extensions and are difficult and tricky to clean.

Brush through your eyelash extensions with a spoolie

Just like any hair, you will also need to brush your eyelashes after its lash bath. Use a clean spoolie to separate and fluff your lashes once they’re dried. 

Spoolies can also be used to effectively remove your mascara. You can dip it in your makeup remover and brush it against your lashes a couple of times. This will greatly help in removing and breaking down your mascara.

Woman brushing out her lash extensions with a spoolie or mascara wand. Cartel Lash

Be gentle 

And most important of all, BE GENTLE. You went through all the trouble and had eyelash extensions application and you sure wouldn’t want to ruin that. So, be extra gentle, while applying and removing your mascara.

Cleaning Extensions for Lash Artists

There are times when clients come in for their appointment and they have mascara or oil build-up in their lashes. Though it can’t be helped, we have found the best ways to clean mascara and unwanted contaminants off your client’s lash extensions whenever this happens. Cleaning your client’s lashes has similar steps to the aftercare process, but with a couple of extra steps.

Use a protein remover

We recommend using a protein remover to remove makeup residue, oil-build up and proteins. This is a safe and gentle way to clean lashes without affecting the bond of the glue and ensure lashes last longer. And the best part is, it doubles as a disinfectant and primer leaving you with a clean surface for the adhesive to bond to lashes faster. 

Clean stubborn residue 

Person holding micro brushes before using on client eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Using micro brushes or lint-free applicators with a protein remover is the best way to clean stubborn mascara residue. The small tip allows for full control and precision for all the tough to reach places and residue. And the non-absorbent properties hold enough liquid to prevent product waste yet remain effective. 

This way you can give your clients a new and beautiful set of lashes without having to worry about unwanted residue!