Borboleta Break Down - Makeup Remover

Borboleta Break Down - Makeup Remover

Borboleta Break Down - Makeup Remover

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Gently breaks down even the most stubborn of makeup in an instant. 

Did you know that oil can cause acne? While oil-based makeup removers make for highly effective cleansers, they can cause a host of skin-related problems like breakouts or skin allergies for people with sensitive skin. That’s why Borboleta Break Down is a 100% oil-free makeup remover. 

Crafted with fatty acids, it emulsifies on contact to completely dissolve even the most water-proof of eye makeup. That means you never have to tug or rub against your eyes again, so you can avoid damaging your lashes. And unlike other removers, it leaves your skin dewy and soft without any hints of greasy residue. 

And the best part? While it might feel like water on your skin, it efficiently retains moisture, leaving you with that soft youthful glow that’ll make you want to use it even when you’re not wearing lashes!

Size: 100ml/3.38 fl oz

DIRECTIONS: Apply Breakdown with the Clean Swoop Brush and gently work the brush into your lash line and around your eye area. Then simply run the brush under water and use it to rinse off the makeup remover. Gently pat your eyes dry with a soft towel after.

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