4 Best Makeup Removers for Eyelash Extensions

by Joan Wong

There are a lot of cleansers and makeup removers in the market. But if you are wearing eyelash extensions, you won’t be able to use just about any makeup remover. Some might have the same ingredients as an eyelash remover and can disturb the bond in your extensions. 

Hence, you need to be careful when choosing your makeup removers to help you have clean lashes.

How to clean mascara off of eyelash extensions

We talked about how you can quickly remove the mascara on your lash extensions. But we haven’t talked about which makeup removers are good for your extensions. We listed 4 gentle makeup removers that you can also use as a purifying foam cleanser to complete your lash aftercare routine.

Borboleta Break Down - Makeup Remover

Borboleta Break Down Makeup Remover - Cartel Lash

Borboleta Break Down is formulated with fatty acids dissolving makeup and preventing posture loss. And the best part is its eyelash extension-friendly! This oil-free makeup remover feels like water but emulsifies on contact making it effective even for removing long-wear eye makeup. So, you won’t have to worry even if there are still eye makeup remnants from your previous ineffective makeup remover.

Unlike any other makeup remover, this one will not leave any greasy residue that will affect the bond on your lash extensions. 

Pair this gentle makeup remover with an eyelash brush and you are good to go.

Borboleta Makeup Remover

Borboleta Makeup Remover - Cartel Lash

The first-ever makeup remover launched by Borboleta. This is 100% oil-free, water-based, and safe for your lash extension. Because of its gentle but powerful formulation, it can gently dissolve your makeup without causing too much disturbance and strain on your extensions making it great for your lash retention.

Use an angled cleansing brush and saturate it with makeup remover. Then gently work on your lash line and around your eye area. Wet your brush with water and clean your lashes.

Dr. Belter Make-up Remover

Dr. Belter Make-up Remover Cartel Lash

This makeup remover features a relaxing and calming effect perfect for tired and dry eyes. It has a very gentle formula with non-irritating actives ideal for sensitive areas in your face, just like around your eyes. It easily dissolves makeup without causing the bond on your extensions to loosen up and break.

It is known to reduce fatigue, dryness, wrinkles, and puffiness after a tiring day.

Ruthie Belle - Cleaning 11

Ruthie Belle Cleaning 11 Cartel Lash

It might not look like much but this Ruthie Belle Cleaning 11 Concentrate has been famous among all lash extension enthusiasts. This cleanser and makeup remover contain tea tree oil known for its anti-inflammatory properties and hydrating qualities. It doesn’t contain nano carbon black which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. The purifying foam can remove ALL your makeup from your face and eyes. 

We all know waterproof mascara is very hard and tricky to remove. So, finding an effective makeup remover to remove waterproof mascara on natural lashes before applying a new set of extensions is a game changer!

It’s important to note that wearing waterproof mascara with eyelash extensions is not recommended because it’s difficult to clean and may affect the retention of lashes. For mascara lovers, look for specially formulated mascaras made for eyelash extensions, such as the Ruthie Belle Lash BFF.

Ruthie Belle Lash BFF Cartel Lash

Lash care can be very tricky especially when you have sensitive eyes and a very busy schedule. But it doesn’t have to be troublesome. All you need is to wash your eyes and remove your makeup every day with the help of a gentle makeup remover, cleanser, lash cleansing brush and you’re set!