Magic Pack

Magic Pack

Premium Eyelash Glue Magic Pack

Magic Pack

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Magically keeps your adhesives in prime condition - even after opening! 

The Magic Pack is specially designed to prevent the deterioration of adhesives, glues and primers, keeping them in the same quality since they were opened even after their shelf-life expiration. 

Formulated with a breakthrough sealant, this lash glue storage tool not only maintains the viscosity and quality of your lash accessories, but also retains their strong bonding properties - and sometimes even making it better than ever before. 

Directions: After opening and using your glues, adhesives or primers, simply remove any residue from the nozzle and place it into the Magic Pack (along with the included desiccant). Make sure to remove any air from the pack to keep your lash accessories in prime condition and store in a dry and cool place.

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