What Is the Difference Between Lash Cleansers and Primer

by Joan Wong

Lash cleansers and primers have almost the same use. However, when we take a closer look, there are slight differences. Both remove dirt, makeup residue, and oil on natural eyelashes helping with overall retention. But what makes lash primer and cleansers different from one another? Let us find out!

What is lash primer?

Many technicians use primer before application to help remove all oils and residue left on the client’s natural lashes after cleansing. The use of primer is ideal for clients with oily skin. Primers also provide an optimal pH level which helps the adhesive bond quickly to natural eyelashes. Not only do lash primers help with speed but also aid in creating strong bonds between the eyelash extension and natural lash resulting in primo retention. 

LASHGOD Magnetic Bond Primer Cartel Lash

What is a lash cleanser?

A lash cleanser is a specially formulated solution that gently removes oil, makeup and dirt stuck in your client’s eyelashes. Thoroughly cleansing the natural lashes creates an optimal surface for the adhesive to adhere to. Skipping this vital step would result in poor retention and weak bonds. Many lash technicians combine the 2 pre-treatments and choose to cleanse eyelashes before applying lash primer.

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The use of lash cleanser at home in the aftercare routine also prolongs the life of eyelash extensions. In addition to 

Why do you need it for your clients?

The answer is simple, to help ensure longer retention

Remember, oil, dirt, and makeup can negatively affect the retention of the lash adhesive you use. If the natural eyelashes of your client are not thoroughly clean and still “dirty”, the lash glue will stick to the dirt or oil instead of the surface of your client’s natural eyelashes. As a result, the retention will not last.  

In addition, using lash cleansers and primers can decrease the possibility of eye irritation and bacterias

Before the application, it is best to use your oil-free lash cleansers. Make sure they have special ingredients made for eyelash extensions before using them. After that, apply a small amount of your lash primer on a microfiber brush, use one brush for each eye. Gently apply the primer to the natural lashes. Make sure it is completely dry before attaching the lash extensions.

Woman getting prepped for eyelash extensions with lash cleanser. Cartel Lash

Let your clients know their daily regime should include cleaning using a lash cleanser. Make sure to also let your clients know how important it is to keep their eyelashes clean. Emphasize the need to choose products that are eyelash extension friendly or oil-free. 

What are the benefits?

It is very important to clean the eyelashes before applying lash extensions,  because without a clean surface/eyelash the adhesive will not bond properly, which is why using lash cleansers and primers is a must, not an option! Lash cleansers have a special formula to ensure there is no bacteria buildup which can cause eye irritation during the application. While the lash primer can ensure no residue is left behind and also conditions your client’s natural eyelashes.

By using both products, you can be sure your lash extension application will go smoothly without any problems.