5 Reasons You Should Use a Nano Mister for Lash Extensions

by Joan Wong

As lash artists, your main goal is to give long-lasting and beautiful eyelashes to your lovely clients. However, lash applications tend to take hours. During the whole process, it might get uncomfortable for both you and your client. 

But it is very important to make sure the eyelash glue you use to attach each extension dries properly before going to the next extension. This is usually the part that makes the whole lash application last hours. It is tedious and time-consuming but necessary.

Woman with Long Eyelash Extensions will need to use a nano mister. Cartel Lash

The thing is, your lash adhesive is not done curing (or drying) when your client leaves your lash room, it needs to cure for at least 24 to 48 hours. Your client should avoid getting their lash extensions wet during the curing window to avoid weakening the bond.

Luckily, the lash industry has discovered new and innovative lash extension supplies, tools, products, and accessories that will help extensions last longer, like nano misters, that help speed up the time curing time. 

What is a nano mister?

A nano mister is a small, handheld device that sprays small droplets of water from its nozzle. Its main purpose is to spray water mist over the eyelash extensions that have been recently applied. It aids in effectively and quickly curing the lash adhesive you use.

How does a nano mister work?

Nano misters spray a fine mist of water onto the eyelash extensions evenly. This helps dry and cure the lash adhesive quicker. It might sound unbelievable but it works. The reason for this is the main ingredient in all lash glue, cyanoacrylate, and a scientific process called polymerization. To put it simply, this process is the act of single molecules that are reacting together to form a polymer. 

For lash glues, their liquid form will turn to solid if they come into contact with hydrogen, which can be found in water. By using a small and portable nano mister, you can activate the curing process of your adhesive immediately. Instead of waiting for 24 to 48 hours, this process will help to fully cure your adhesives faster. 

Woman holding nano mister for lash extensions. Cartel Lash

Water is naturally found in the air. Without the help of any devices, the eyelash glue will eventually dry and cure on its own. However, it will take longer, around 24 to 48 hours before it thoroughly cures. Also, there are times when the air is too dry. In this case, it will be nearly impossible for you to attach eyelash extensions properly while lashing. 

If you are still not sold on using nano misters, here are 5 reasons why you should get one!

1. Lash adhesive cures faster

When you are explaining the whole eyelash extension procedure, you need to let your clients know that they have to prevent their lashes from getting wet for 24 to 48 hours after the application. This way the lash glue you used will properly cure and ensure the bond is strong. However, this is not always convenient.

As a lash technician, you need to consider this and find a way to help the adhesive cure quicker. This is where nano misters can help. This small device lets you add moisture to the air which activates the curing process immediately. It can cut the curing time significantly. 

When you are using your nano mister, spray it from a reasonable height over your client’s lashes. Your device will automatically turn off after a specified time. It is usually indicated in your device by the supplier. If not, it usually turns off after 30 seconds.

2.  A Great Option for Humidity Control

Too much hydrogen or water is not a good thing. If there is too much moisture in the air, it will cure your adhesive too quickly and can also dissolve the solvent, breaking the bond of your adhesive. The use of a nano mister is another way technicians can control the humidity in their lash rooms. It is an easy way to add moisture to the air without going overboard.

Digital temperature and humidity control with nano mister. Cartel Lash

3. Less eye irritation

All adhesives release fumes, some release more than others. During the lashing process, fumes are released into the air. Some clients are especially sensitive to fumes which can cause eye irritation, whereas other clients may not notice a single thing. 

Their eyes might turn red, watery, and might even feel a stinging or burning sensation. When the air is too dry in your lash room, the lash adhesive will take a long time to cure, resulting in the presence of more fumes in the air. 

If you use a nano mister, the curing process will be quicker and your client’s exposure to fumes will decrease preventing less eye irritations.

4. Decrease retention

If you are in a location where the air is too dry, you’ll need to increase the humidity in your lash room so your glue can cure properly. A nano mister can do this job. The common problem associated with humidity levels is poor retention.

5. Reduce the time clients can get their lashes wet

The usual 24-48 hour waiting time for your clients to get their lashes wet, is reduced. Having to be extra cautious during this window can be very inconvenient and sometimes not realistic. Decreasing this waiting period for your clients is greatly appreciated! 

Woman with extensions finished with a nano mister to cure faster. Cartel Lash

Advantages of a nano mister

There are many advantages of using nano misters, the main one is the quicker curing process of your adhesive making them one of the must-haves for many lash artists. This is very advantageous for both you and your client.

Disadvantages of a nano mister

Nano misters are perfect for locations where the humidity is too low. However, there are instances where they are not advisable and improper use might cause you more problems than solutions. 

If you are in a location where the humidity is too high, using a nano mister will give you more problems. In these cases, we highly recommend against using a nano mister because it will make the adhesive cure quicker than expected. The eyelash extensions will not have the time to properly and fully attach resulting in poor retention.

It might result in shock polymerization. This is when too many water droplets are added to the lashes. It will turn the eyelash extensions white which are not nice to look at.

When the lash adhesives cure at their own pace, the resulting bond holding the extensions to the natural lashes will be more flexible. However, if you shock the curing process, it will make the bond harder and more brittle. Meaning, it will be more prone to breakage.

Eyelash extension procedure with nano mister to cure adhesive. Cartel Lash

How to use a nano mister

Before you start your lash application, make sure to fully charge your nano mister. Then, fill the water tank with distilled water. You can also use tap water, but there is a higher chance of hard water build-up. This will wear out your device quicker. That’s why we highly recommend using bottled distilled water.

After you are done air drying your client’s eyelashes, get your nano mister. Hold it upright 8 to 16 inches away from your client’s lashes. Turn it on and move your hand in an even swaying motion across your client’s eyelashes. Do not stop moving your hand. The nano mister will automatically stop at approximately 30 seconds, which is the recommended time. Do not put the device directly at your client’s lashes because it will cause over-saturation.

There are many pros and cons of using a nano mister. It is up to you if you want to use them during your lash application. If you are worried about allergies but don’t want to use a nano mister, you can use LBLA Anti Allergy Gel while lashing or speak to a Cartel Lash product specialist at 📞(604) 437-0011 for recommendations!