8 Ways to Make Your Salon More Sustainable

by Joan Wong

As business owners, we all know how important it is for our business to be sustainable, both financially and environmentally. First, you need to make sure your business prospers and is financially profitable. From there, you will want to protect your brand and maybe even decide to expand, by hiring employees and delegating duties.

Eyelash extension procedure at lash salon. Cartel Lash

Ensuring your lash salon is environmentally sustainable could help you save money by reducing your operating expenses. Also, these days, people are becoming more and more aware of the carbon footprint they leave behind. Especially, when it comes to the products they use and will be using on themselves. You can use this to your advantage and market your lash business as “eco-friendly” if you are committed to going “green”.

Here are 8 ways you can make your lash salon sustainable and decrease your overall carbon footprint. Whenever possible, remember the three “R’s”: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

1. Change light bulbs to LED

Always invest in energy-efficient light bulbs. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient compared to incandescent bulbs because LEDs operate on diode light which is known to be more efficient than filament light (which is what incandescent bulbs operate on). They consume 75% less energy and they last longer compared to your regular light bulbs. 

LED light with young plant on soil to save on energy bill. Cartel Lash

You will save more on your monthly electric bill, as well as the cost of having to replace your light bulbs often. A win-win situation!

2. Choose energy saving options 

The best way to save on your energy consumption is to only use appliances when you need them. But that will be hard if it is too hot and you need an AC to cool the room. A lash room needs to be comfortable, and no client will feel at ease when it is a hundred degrees. More importantly, your lash adhesive performs the best in an optimal temperature and humidity level.

The use of a humidifier year round might be required if you live in a dry climate and this saving option is no longer applicable. The same thing can be said if you live in a very warm climate and need the AC 24/7. If the use of a humidifier, or any other temperature/humidity regulating machine, is a must for your adhesive, consider a few of these other energy saving tips.

Humidifier in the lash salon. Cartel Lash

Too sunny? Consider hanging window coverings that will block radiant heat from entering your space. This can help preserve the coolness inside the room as curtains are also a great insulator. This will be useful during the winter season as well (depending on where you live).

Another option could be tinting your windows to block the sunlight and UV rays. This option could greatly help you save on your monthly energy bills. 

3. Rethink Single Use Items

As a responsible lash business owner, you need to take this into consideration. This may be a bit tricky because the single use items we use on clients, such as microfiber brushes or lash brushes do not have reusable alternatives. Also, due to Covid, we need to be extra careful with spreading germs and how well we sanitize our spaces.

Woman with long eyelash extensions and lash brush in a lash salon. Cartel Lash

Having said that, one area you could consider is using reusable cleaning clothes instead of paper towels, as long as you know how to properly disinfect them and can clean them properly before using them again. Also consider buying in bulk to save on individual packaging

 In our current global situation this might be an area you will want to look into further at a later date. 

4. Upcycle furniture and décor

When setting up your lash room and salon, it is important to be wise when it comes to accounting and your spending. Especially when you are just starting your business. You have to be mindful of your capital and how you manage your bills. 

If you have old furniture or accessories in your home you can use, use them. For example, the sofas you replaced last year or candle holders you are not using. Check if they are still usable. Don’t forget the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce your stored furniture, reuse them, and recycle. You will have more savings too.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle in lash salon. Cartel Lash

You can upcycle all your old furniture and accessories. Give them a new paint job and add some new color. Use them in your lash salon.

You can also go to your local shops and check what they have to offer. No need to purchase expensive stuff, just make sure your lash business looks comfortable and how you want to be. Your clients will not check the price tags of your décor and furniture. Their main priority is their eyelash extensions.

Decorating your lash business with plants is also a great idea. They are not only nice and pretty but also a source of oxygen. Also, they are very low maintenance and inexpensive. Plants also have a calming effect which is what your clients should feel when they enter your establishment.

5. Hand towels

Paper towels are made using pulp, water, and wood. The more people use it, the more the demand will increase, and more wood will be needed. Hence, more trees need to be cut. In addition, they are not reusable. You use them, you throw them. It adds to the garbage you need to dispose of.

Female hands with beautiful cotton flowers and soft towels. Cartel Lash

Replace your paper towels with hand towels. They are more sustainable and reusable!

6. Eco-friendly packaging or paper bags

When your clients buy some products, you will need bags to put the products into. I highly recommend going for paper bags because your clients can reuse them. You can also offer specialized eco bags with your brand name and logo. It could be a brilliant and easy way to advertise your business.

You are decreasing plastic, encouraging clients to be more eco-friendly, and helping the environment.

Eco-friendly Paper package bags for lash products. Cartel Lash

7. Dispose of waste and recycle properly

These days, you can recycle almost everything. Make recycle bins available in your lash business. Let your employees know about it and help encourage them by being a good example. 

The empty bottles should be thrown in the right bin and separated from the biodegradables. Make sure to have a separate bin for bottles as well. Lash artists handle a lot of products in small quantities to make sure they are fresh and usable. Because of this, you tend to have many empty bottles. Throw them in the right bin.

Hand holding a recycling garbage bin for lash salon. Cartel Lash

Then, go to your local recycling centers. Check what materials they can take in. This will decrease the trash you need to worry about.

8. Research and buy eco-friendly, quality products

Last on our list is to do your research and go for eco-friendly but high-quality products. There are various lash extension supplies and products available in the market. Look for the ones that are eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Work with a brand or supplier with the same values and goals as yours. This is the most effective way to build trust and also get high-quality products at the same time.

Eyelash extension treatment products, tools, and equipment. Cartel Lash

There are many ways to make your lash salon more sustainable and eco-friendly. You don’t have to work too much or bend over backwards. Small steps are also acceptable and a great help, not only to the environment but also to your pockets.