7 Reasons to Join a Lash Rewards Program

by Joan Wong

As business owners, we will want to save as much as we can. However, we can’t compromise the quality and performance of each product we use for our lash extensions. Many of us prefer specific brands or products, making it even harder to save a few bucks. 

This is why joining loyalty rewards programs, such as Cartel Lash’s loyalty program, is a brilliant idea! We listed 7 reasons why eyelash extension lovers, like you, need to join a lash rewards program. 

1. Earn discounts and perks in a lash rewards program

Whenever you join a rewards program, you receive points for specific activities you complete in the store. You will earn reward points by simply doing the following:

  • Purchasing lash extension supplies and accessories
  • Referring a friend
  • Signing up for a rewards program
  • Subscribing to the newsletter
  • Leaving a review on the product you purchased
  • Sharing your social media accounts
  • For your birthday

When you accumulate reward points, you can purchase discount coupons and eyelash extensions products. When you collect more points, you can exchange them for higher discount coupons so you can save more on your next purchase. Or exchange them for some of your favorite lash extension supplies and accessories

Cashback and Rewards - lash rewards program. Cartel Lash

2. Easy shopping experience in a lash rewards program

Lash supply companies make it easy to shop and earn more rewards in a lash rewards program when you buy lash supplies. For example, in the Cartel Lash rewards program, you automatically earn points with every purchase and you can earn points faster with referrals, product reviews, and more. It’s also easy to redeem your points for discounts or products, The entire process is designed to be straightforward, easy, and quick.

3. Instant access to rewards in a program

After you redeem your points, you can access your rewards program points and check all the available items and discounts you can redeem. If you want to collect more points, you can do so and continue your activities in the store.

When you receive your lashes and eyelash extension supplies, you can leave a review on the product you purchased. For example, you can earn 25 points for the review you made on your purchased product. However, there is a limit to the points you can get via product reviews. Points will only be earned on one review per purchased product and you can only do it twice a week. Anything more than that, will not get any points.

4. Choose to redeem points on small or large items in a rewards program

If you earned enough points, you can redeem discount coupons and lash extension supplies available in the loyalty rewards program. At Cartel Lash Loyalty Program, we included various discount coupons ranging from $20 OFF up to $250 OFF. There is also a 10% off coupon that allows you to receive BIGGER savings if you purchase more. We also included our best-selling Black Supreme Lash Glue and other eyelash extension supplies.

Eyelash extension tools and supplies you can earn in a lash rewards program. Cartel Lash

5. Receive updates to exclusive promotions in a rewards program 

When you sign up for a loyalty rewards program, you will be the first to know and receive upcoming promotions. Meaning, you can prepare before the promotion even starts! This way, when the promotion is active, you can be one of the first lash lovers to take advantage of discounts and other promotions.

6. Tailored customer service to meet all your needs in a rewards program

To make the rewards program more enticing for lash enthusiasts, specially tailored customer service is added. This special customer service is exclusive to those who have joined the loyalty rewards program. We all know how important customer service is and how hard and time-consuming it is to talk and exchange emails with the customer service representative. But if you are on the loyalty rewards program, you will be on the VIP list and it will be easier and quicker to correspond and talk to customer service representatives.

7. Save more money in the long run with a rewards program

We all know the importance of quality. We want stunning and long-lasting eyelash extensions. That is why it is normal to have favorites when it comes to certain brands and lash extension supplies. It is hard to save money without compromising the quality.

But if you join the loyalty rewards program, you will get points for every purchase you make and exchange the reward points you collected for discount coupons. In the long run, you will still be able to save more money.

Goal No. 1 to save money in a lash rewards program. Cartel Lash

Why choose the Cartel Lash Rewards Program

The Cartel Lash loyalty program is designed to offer rewards or points whenever you purchase lash extension supplies from us, leave a review, share our products on your social media accounts, and refer our store to other lash artists. We even give birthday reward points! After you sign-up for our rewards program, you will be instantly given 50 reward points!

All the points you accumulated can then be used to purchase different eyelash extension supplies and products or discount coupons. 

Here at Cartel Lash, we value all our loyal and lovely customers. That is why we included our best-selling lash glue in the list of products you can get using points. By earning 650 points, you can get Black Supreme fast Drying Lash Adhesive. Not only that, you can purchase discount coupons and enjoy up to $250 OFF on your next purchase. 

We want to show you how much we value your support by providing excellent service, top-notch lash extensions supplies, and easy-to-earn reward points in our loyalty rewards program.

Join our loyalty program, redeem points, choose your chosen reward, and use it on your next purchase. If you need more information about our lash loyalty program, call us 📞 (604) 437-0011 today!