6 Reasons to Become an Eyelash Brand Ambassador

by Joan Wong

Are you a passionate lash tech who is interested in inspiring and motivating your fellow lash lovers and artists? Do you love to share your eyelash extension expertise? Do your social media accounts have a good following? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then becoming an eyelash brand ambassador might be a great opportunity for you!

What exactly is a brand ambassador and what do you actually have to do? Let’s learn more about what an eyelash brand ambassador is, the requirements, the benefits, and how to become one. 

What is an eyelash brand ambassador?

An eyelash brand ambassador is a person who represents and advertises a brand, business, or company. Basically, an eyelash brand ambassador will be the face to raise awareness of the brand, products, and services a company offers and provides. They will endorse, recommend, and refer to the company’s brand, services, and products when they are applying eyelash extensions on their clients.

Brand ambassador promoting lash products. Cartel Lash

What do you need to become an eyelash brand ambassador?

To become an eyelash brand ambassador here at Cartel Lash, you need to have an Instagram following. In your Instagram account, you need at least 250 followers to join our Cartel Lash brand ambassador program

In addition to the Instagram following, you will need to: 

  • Create unique posts, photos, and videos then upload them on various social media platforms.
  • Monitor the current eyelash extension trends. Make sure they are aligned with our values and brand, then share them with your followers.
  • Lead, strengthen, and support the lash community. Engage with other lash lovers. Respect everyone’s opinion.
  • Maintain a positive lash community 
  • Connect various followers together with our shared love for eyelash extensions.
  • Try to be innovative with lash extension methods and ideas.

Lastly, and most importantly, in order to become Cartel Lash Eyelash Brand Ambassador, you need to be a certified lash technician.

The benefits of becoming an eyelash brand ambassador

There are various benefits to becoming an eyelash brand ambassador which is why many lash techs want to enter the program. Here are some of them:

1. Grow your reach, exposure, and engagement 

As an eyelash brand ambassador, you have the opportunity to grow your reach, exposure, and engagement when you advertise and promote a certain brand, company, and/or business. In addition, the company or brand you carry will share your posts and content, increasing your exposure to those lash lovers who are not yet included in your community. This will help grow your lash community.

Grow your social media as a brand ambassador. Cartel Lash

2. Exclusive discounts and offers on products 

Another benefit of being an eyelash brand ambassador is the exclusive discounts. Here at Cartel Lash, we offer a 10% to 20% discount rate on our brand ambassador program depending on the number of Instagram followers you have. You can achieve up to a 20% discount whenever you purchase lash extension supplies and products in our store. We also give exclusive gifts to all our brand ambassadors to show our appreciation for their hard work and loyalty.

3. First access to the latest news & products

As an eyelash brand ambassador, you will be the first one to know if there are sales, discounts, and news about your favorite lash products and supplies. You can use this latest news and products on your eyelash extension application and your content. Remember, being the first one to share news and posts can greatly help your reputation as a lash tech.

4. Featured on social media posts, stories, websites, or blogs

Your content, posts, and reviews can be featured on the website, posts, and blogs of the brand and company you represent. This is a great way to improve your lash reputation and credibility and attract more clients in the process.

Some eyelash brand ambassadors are even featured in blogs and highlight their eyelash extension skills, services, and the lash extension supplies and products you use.

5. Be a part of an authentic community 

With the growing demand and popularity of the lash industry, more lash communities keep popping up. If you become a brand ambassador, you will be part of an authentic community where all lash lovers support each other, exchange notes about eyelash extensions, and converse about all things lashes! 

Become a brand ambassador if you love eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Being a part of a positive and authentic lash community will greatly help your reputation and credibility. It is also the best way to grow your love for eyelash extensions and lashes.

6. Opportunity to build your network and clientele 

When you are representing a certain brand, company, or business as a brand ambassador, you will have to engage with various experts and lash lovers. Because of this, you have a chance to introduce and build your network. This can open a LOT of doors for you in the future.

How to become an eyelash brand ambassador

Being an eyelash brand ambassador is not an easy task. You need to post, share, update, and engage with the lash community. Typically, applying to become an eyelash brand ambassador is a bit complicated. There will be a LOT of requirements and processes to work through.  

We’ve made it a bit easier for our aspiring Cartel Lash Eyelash Brand Ambassadors! Contact us and we will verify the information and details provided. 

If you’re a positive and outgoing lash tech that loves to lash, we’d love for you to be a part of our Cartel Lash brand ambassador community! Start your application process today and give us a call at 📞 (604) 437-0011 or fill out our Brand Ambassador contact form for more inquiries about our program.