5 Things to Consider When Buying a Humidifier For Lash Room

by Joan Wong

To ensure the eyelash extensions last long, the lash adhesive should properly bond. But for this to happen, the right conditions should be met. More specifically, the humidity in the lash room. The ideal room humidity is between 45% and 60%.

The moisture in the air is the one that kick starts the drying and curing process of the lash glue you used. If the air is too dry or the humidity is too low, the lash adhesive will take a long time to dry. This can cause a lot of problems for you and your client. The fumes will be more prominent and cause tearing and eye irritation. 

On your side as a lash tech, you will have to spend more time attaching lash extensions. You can’t just attach extensions when the lash glue has not yet been set. Because the lash extensions will slide and clump together. This will not look good and will result in weak lash retention.

What to look for in a humidifier

In order to balance the humidity level in your lash room, use a humidifier. It will add moisture to the air and help kick start and speed up the drying and curing process. Here are the factors you need to check when looking for a humidifier for your lash room.

Humidifier spreading mist to control humidity of lash room.

1. Size

What is the size of your lash room? You need to consider the size of your lash room when choosing the humidifier. It needs to be able to spread moisture in the air. But if you have a very spacious lash room and a very small humidifier, your humidifier won’t be able to keep up. The size and capacity of your humidifier should be equal to the size of your lash room.

Do you offer home lashing services? You need to consider this as well. It is easier to maintain the ideal humidity level if you have your own lash room. But if you offer home services, it will be harder. That is why you need a handy humidifier to help you achieve the desired humidity levels. Look for a humidifier that you can carry around with a battery capacity that can last for hours or the duration of the lash extension application.

2. Mist control

Look for a humidifier with multiple mist levels. This way you can control the mist level and not make the humidity too high in your lash room. The mist adds moisture to the air and if you add too much, the humidity will be too high and it will be harder for you to attach lash extensions. Because the lash adhesive will dry and cure faster than expected. When this happens, the result is eyelash extensions with retention issues.

Always have a hygrometer handy. Measure the moisture in the air. Make sure it is between 45% and 60%. If it is below, turn your humidifier on until you reach the desired humidity level. And if it is too high, do not use a humidifier, instead use a dehumidifier to remove moisture in the air.

3. Noise

The noise level is next on our list. There are two main types of humidifiers: cool mist and warm mist. 

Cool mist humidifier expels cool vapors to add moisture to your lash room. It is safe for both pets and even children. It comes with a filtration device where it filters all airborne impurities before blowing moisture into the air. Because of the filtration device, they produce more noise compared to warm mist humidifiers. They are ideal for places with a warmer climate and hotter weather.

A little girl in red pants looks and touches the humidifier.


Meanwhile, warm mist humidifiers are commonly used to treat flu and colds. This type of humidifier heats the water to create vapor which is released into the air. They are ideal for places with colder weather. Warm mist humidifiers are quiet but are not too energy-efficient compared to the previous one.

4. Maintenance

Your humidifier should be easy to operate and clean. It will be too much of a hassle if you need to disassemble your humidifier just to clean it. Look for a humidifier with user-friendly controls and is easy to clean. 

Warm mist humidifiers are more complicated to clean compared to cool mist humidifiers. The filtration device of the cool mist is easier and faster to clean. Build up of mildew and mold can be a problem so always properly clean, dry and store your humidifiers when you’re not using them. 

5. Price

Lastly, the price tag. Cool mist humidifiers are very easy to find and affordable compared to warm mist humidifiers. They are the most common type of humidifier and many people, not just lash techs, use them. You can find good-value and good-quality cool mist humidifiers.

Hopefully, these 5 factors can help you decide which humidifier best fits your needs. Do not go over your budget. There are a lot of affordable but still good-quality options in the market. No need to purchase the most expensive one. Just be patient and look for the best humidifier that can help make your lashing services easier.

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