Lash Aftercare For Your Clients

by Joan Wong

As a lash technician, it is important to let your clients know how to keep their eyelash extensions in tip-top shape and get the best retention.  Ideally, before application, talk to them about everything they need to know about lash extensions, eyelash extension aftercare, and the lash extension supplies they might need. 

This conversation is especially important for first-time clients. You can help them understand that aftercare plays a huge role in keeping beautiful eyelashes. Your responsibility as a lash tech will not stop at the service you initially provide, but also to educate your clients on the value of proper lash aftercare. 

Lash aftercare instructions for clients. Cartel Lash

What is the importance of lash aftercare for your clients?

Lash aftercare tips and tricks given to the clients are important. With proper products and daily eyelash extension aftercare maintenance, your clients will have amazing retention. Cleansing your lashes regularly will remove all the dirt and debris building on the base of the extensions, keeping the adhesive from breaking down prematurely. 

What exactly is lash aftercare?

Daily lash aftercare routines vary from lash lover to lash lover. However, there are necessary items you NEED on hand. We highlighted 9 MUST DO rules all lash technicians should advise their clients to follow to enjoy stunningly beautiful, thick, and long eyelash extensions.

Wash eyelash extensions daily

Just like taking a shower daily, washing your eyelash extensions regularly, is vital to remove all the dirt, debris, oil, and residue stuck in your lashes. This is the most forgotten step many lash clients overlook. 

A common misconception is that clients believe their extensions are getting “cleaned” when they are taking a shower. However, it is not the case in lash aftercare. 

Eyelash extensions need a specially formulated lash shampoo to physically remove all the build-up of makeup, dirt and oil stuck in your lashes without weakening the bond of the lash glue. DO NOT USE regular soap to clean your lash extensions. Soap might contain harmful ingredients that can weaken the bond of the lash adhesive.

Recommend a lash extension-friendly cleanser like Borboleta Eyelid Foam Cleanser or Eyelash Maker Cleanser. They are specially formulated to be tough on dirt, debris, excess oil, and residue but gentle enough for your eyes and eyelash extensions.

Use non-oil cleanser or make up remover for lash aftercare. Cartel Lash

Avoid moisture, heat, and oil

Let your client know they have to wait at least 24 hours before introducing any form of moisture and heat to your lash extensions. Meaning, avoid hitting up the steam room immediately after your service! 

Regarding avoiding oil, it is necessary to let your clients know you are not only talking about mascaras, eyeliners, and other eye makeup. It also includes all the products your client introduces or makes contact with their eyelashes such as facial cleansers, moisturizers, facial serums, and foundation. These products will be absorbed by the skin and might spread to the lash follicles and weaken the bond of the eyelash glue. 

Brush eyelash extensions daily

After washing and drying your eyelashes, brush them gently using a mascara wand. By brushing before sleeping you can make sure there are no residue, dirt, and debris stuck in between the eyelash extensions. And in the morning, brush them again to make them look stunning and fluffy.

Do not touch, rub, or tug eyelash extensions

The most important part of lash aftercare is reminding your clients not to pick, rub, and tug their lashes. 

You may not even notice you are subconsciously touching or rubbing your eyelashes! For example, you may be rubbing your eyes while you sleep.

Touching, rubbing, and tugging the lashes will result in premature shedding and should be avoided at all costs. Oftentimes, a damaged follicle is a result of picking at extensions. 

Lash aftercare includes not rubbing or tugging at eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Avoid chemical peels and facials

There is no way to make sure all the ingredients and products used in chemical peels and facials are safe for eyelash extensions. Except checking them one by one which is not ideal. Let your clients know they should avoid getting chemical peels and facials immediately after an eyelash application appointment. 

Always consult the aesthetician that will be performing the facial and ask about all the products used during the service.  Knowledgeable aestheticians will know which products to avoid and if they will negatively impact the retention of your extensions. An option would be to schedule a chemical peel or facial before your next lash fill.  

Use oil-free makeup and mascara

We mentioned earlier the importance of avoiding oil, especially in makeup that you use around your eye area. Look for eyelash extension-friendly mascara and eye makeup. Make sure to check the ingredients of the products. 

Let your clients know, AVOID USING WATERPROOF MASCARA. This type of mascara is very hard to remove and oftentimes will require an oil-based remover.

Regardless of what type of makeup your client wears, it is important for them to thoroughly remove their eye makeup gently during lash aftercare.

Be careful of your sleeping position

When possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach

We, lash lovers, know and understand the importance of sleeping on our backs or sides. Sleeping on your face will damage your eyelash extensions. 

If your client doesn’t sleep on their face, GOOD for you! But if your client sleeps on their face, it is best to let them know what might happen if they sleep on their face.  Your client should be made aware of the repercussions and possible retention problems they might encounter, such as premature lash shedding.

Use quality lash supply products

A proper eyelash extension aftercare routine will not be effective if your client doesn’t use quality lash extension-friendly supplies and products. 

Lash cleanser is an important step in lash aftercare. Cartel Lash

Remind your clients that not all eyelash extensions products and supplies are made equal. Some are high-quality and effective while others are not and they should thoroughly check the products they use, especially lash cleanser. 

We highly recommend using a lash serum to help promote natural lashes’ growth, like SUGARLASH Plump

Stay on top of fills ~ 4 weeks (or it is considered a new set)

Remind your clients that they need to come back for fills every 2-4 weeks, depending on the service you provide. Explain to them the importance of fills and lash aftercare. 

Just like all the hair on our body, eyelashes shed naturally along with the lash extensions. By getting on-time fills, your clients’ eyelashes will look fuller and thicker and avoid bald spots due to shedding. If too much time has passed between fills, lash techs will charge clients for a brand new set because more work will be needed (ie: removing outgrown extensions).

Tips on reminding your clients to prioritize lash aftercare

When reminding your clients about their lash aftercare routine and lash extension supplies, it is important NOT to sound like you are nagging. It is easy for people to misinterpret your reminders as nagging or even an attempt to upsell something they don’t need, especially if you do not have a close relationship with your client or it's their first time working with you. 

Remember to read your audience - be nice, welcoming, and courteous. 

It is important to be friendly to your clients but NOT TOO friendly, keep it professional. Some people like to talk and feel comfortable with you. While some are closed off and just want to have eyelash extensions applied in peace. We highly recommend looking for a balance to strengthen your relationship with all your clients. They will appreciate that you are professional and respectful

Lash extensions with the proper aftercare steps will last longer. Cartel Lash

There is no right or wrong time to remind and exchange tips with your clients, especially first-time lash extension users. You can do it before, during, or after the service. Just make sure to emphasize the importance of proper aftercare and which products to use. Understanding WHY maintenance is important is pivotal in ensuring your clients follow their eyelash extension aftercare routine. 

Find everything you need for lash aftercare and more at Cartel Lash. Visit us or call us 📞 (604) 437-0011 to speak to a product specialist about lash extension supplies!