Can Clients Get Massages with Eyelash Extensions On?

by Joan Wong

After you attach the eyelash extensions to your client and everything looks amazing, talk about the importance of protecting and looking after their extensions. To prevent their eyelashes from prematurely falling out, they need to have the proper daily aftercare routine to make sure their eyelashes are clean and looking fresh and on point. 

Eyelash extension procedure. Beautiful female eyes with long lashes. Cartel Lash

In addition, they need to protect their eyelash extensions from getting squished. It is very important to not put any pressure on their eyelashes or they will not last as long. This will lead to premature shedding, weakened lash retention, or make their eyelashes point in various directions, making them look quite messy. 

This is why I highly recommend letting your clients know not to sleep on their stomachs and face. When they sleep on their stomach, too much pressure is pushed on their lashes and can cause lash extension damage. This is also one of the reasons why many lash techs do not recommend getting massages immediately after a fill to increase lash retention. 

But the thing is, clients can still get massages even after they have eyelash extensions. The only thing they should look for before getting a massage is the face cradle. When the massage bed has a face cradle, it is totally ok to get a massage. Their heads will rest in the face cradle comfortably and their eyelash extensions will not touch anything while they are lying down.

Young woman laying on massage table with eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

However, if the massage bed doesn’t have a face cradle, they can use a towel to elevate their head. So that their faces do not directly rest on the bed. 

Let us talk more about why it is bad for your clients to lie face down and how they can protect their eyelash extensions during a trip to the spa for a massage. Let’s get started!

Why is laying face down on eyelash extensions bad

Before you explain to your clients why laying face down is bad for their extensions, they should first understand how lash extensions are applied. Each eyelash extension is applied by hand using tweezers, lash adhesive, and other lash extension supplies. Every extension is meticulously and delicately placed using a small amount of adhesive.

After this, explain to your client that the weight of their head will put too much force on their eyelashes when they lie face down. This pressure on their eyelashes causes the lash extensions to shift in various angles and directions, especially if the lash glue is not thoroughly cured.

Laying face down can cause eyelash extensions to fall out prematurely. Cartel Lash

Continuous sleeping face down or lying face down will cause their extensions to fall off quicker than expected. In addition, it can cause their extension curls to change and relax resulting in the set looking unkempt and messy.

Steps to protecting eyelash extensions during a massage

There are ways to help your clients protect their lashes during a massage. So, no need to dishearten and discourage your clients from getting one. (Especially if they deserve it! Everyone needs a reward after working hard.) 

Here are 2 ways your client can protect their eyelash extensions during their well-deserved massage!

Position face on the face cradle to not press or rub onto eyelash extensions

There are many massage beds available on the market. They vary in size, mechanisms, and designs. But the common thing about all of them is they allow the body to easily move around and usually come with a face cradle. A face cradle is usually attached to the headpiece of the massage bed where the client will rest their heads while they are lying face down.

Woman receiving back massage with face in cradle to protect eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

Tell your clients to make sure the face cradle is at an angle where the weight of their head is spread evenly across their forehead and face. It is very important that the face cradle or any fabric is not touching their eyelashes. 

They should be able to open and close their eyes without touching anything.

Use a towel and lay it around the face

They can use a towel to cradle their faces when the massage bed they will be using doesn’t have a face cradle. Get a long towel. The towel should be long enough to circle around their entire face and head. 

Roll the towel. It should be at least 2 to 3 inches thick. Place the towel around their face and tuck the excess under their chin. It should be thick enough so their face doesn't touch anything, including the bed or any fabric.

Woman laying on towels to protect eyelash extensions during massage. Cartel Lash

Make sure the weight and pressure of their heads are equally distributed on their forehead and face. They should be able to comfortably open and close their eyes.

Should you use a sleep mask to protect eyelash extensions during massage

I highly recommend not wearing a sleep mask during a massage. Why? Because sleep masks tend to compress their eyelashes. 

However, lash lovers can still wear sleep masks. Special sleep masks are on the market today specifically for eyelash extensions, these 3D masks are a great alternative for clients looking to get the benefits of wearing a sleep mask to avoid lash extension damage and increase lash retention. 

Depends if the socket area is big enough to prevent lashes from being crushed

If you really need to wear sleep masks, look for 3D eye masks. These masks are designed with a large gap between the wearer’s eyelashes and the mask itself, contouring the eye area. The fabric will not touch the eyelash extensions preserving the curl and state of the extensions. Some say these 3D masks look like small bras for your eyes!

Young woman sleeping with 3D eye mask in white bed to protect eyelash extensions. Cartel Lash

3D eye masks can also be used when your client sleeps. The mask will make sure their eyelash extensions are not squished when they sleep on their sides and the fabric of their pillowcases will not stick to their lashes. So, you can tell your clients that they don’t have to replace all their pillowcases with silk ones. 3D sleep masks are great but might be a realistic option for many. 

Getting a well-deserved massage after a week of stressful work, meetings, chores, and activities is what all of us crave. It helps us relax and unwind. This is great for our mental and physical health. To top that off, getting massages is also great for our body. It helps improve the lymphatic system and our quality of life.

However, for lash artists, you need to let your clients know that they should protect their eyelashes when they are getting a massage. This will help make sure their eyelash extensions last as long as possible and continue looking beautiful. 

Close up of eyelash extension procedure on woman. Cartel Lash

Everyone deserves lovely eyelashes and a relaxing massage. You just need to put in more effort to enjoy both!

We understand the importance of using the right products for the longevity of eyelash extensions. Visit Cartel Lash for quality products to help lash retention and lashes that last longer!