5 Reasons to Remind Your Clients to Book Lash Appointments Early This Holiday

by Joan Wong

The holiday season is quickly approaching. This is the season when a lot of celebrations, reunions, and parties happen. Your clients would like to look their best on all occasions. That includes their eyelashes. 

Woman getting eyelash extensions with lash tech holding lash tweezers.

Make sure to remind your clients that this is a busy season and your schedule might be booked earlier than usual. Of course, you want to take all your clients. But, you have limited time and you can’t accept all of them when they start booking all available appointments.

This is not the only reason, here are 5 reasons you can tell your clients why they need to book their appointments earlier this coming holiday season.

Limited spots available

You are a person and can only accept a few clients per day. Applying eyelash extensions takes a long time, at least an hour up to 3 hours depending on the style and type of lash extensions your client wants and the services they want to avail. For touch-ups or fill-in, it will take about an hour, but it can last longer depending on the state of your client’s eyelashes.

During holidays, people tend to go to lots of parties and reunions. They would want to look their best and many clients will start scheduling appointments. Let your client know you can only work 8 hours and take in a few clients per day. Even if you want to take all your lovely clients, you can’t take them all. You also need to rest and take care of your health so you can provide better and consistent service.

Group of friends having fun with sparklers during the holiday season

Bookings fill up quickly during the holidays

There is always an increase in the number of bookings during the holiday season with clients going to parties and reunions. The bookings will fill up quickly. Make sure to tell your clients so they can book appointments earlier than they used to. 

In addition, if they book earlier, they can be sure you will be able to provide the services they need. They won’t need to fight anyone else for a schedule. Less stress and hassle for them.

No guarantee of accommodation for last minute bookings

Last-minute bookings are not guaranteed. Make sure to tell your clients about this. You can only work a few hours a day (mostly 8 hours). And if you work overtime and above your capacity, you will get tired which can affect your speed, efficiency, and precision. 

You are only a person. It is perfectly normal to get tired. In order to provide the best services and ensure your clients get the best out of their money’s worth, you need to take care of your health as well. Your health, both mentally and physically, will affect and dictate the outcome of your work. Most especially for you as a lash artist. You use your hands, wrists, and arms to properly apply each small and delicate lash extension. If you lose focus because you are tired, you could end up making mistakes. 

Take care of yourself today on a notebook with coffee, pen and heart on a pink background.

Pre book appointments to ensure they have fresh lashes for the holidays

I am sure your clients are busy with all the holiday shopping and their schedule is getting filled with parties and reunions. And your clients would surely love to have fresh and lovely eyelashes for all the parties and events they will attend during this season.

Tell your clients before they start getting too busy, it is best to pre-book appointments. This is to make sure they have beautiful eyelashes before going to parties and also to not forget their lashes. 

Because of the busy holiday season, your clients might forget their lash extensions aftercare causing the eyelash extensions to fall off prematurely. By booking your appointments ahead of time, you, the lash artist, can check the health of your client’s eyelash extensions and also prevent any damages to your natural lashes.

When should you send out reminders 

Start now! Send out notifications and reminders early online and in your lash salon. Post on your social media accounts and share it on your stories to make sure your clients and followers are aware. Start doing this early. Like now!

Do it now circled in red on a calendar for booking eyelash extension treatments

Tell your clients your need to book their appointments before the busy holidays start. This will ensure they can have stunningly gorgeous eyelashes without putting in too much effort. In addition, people tend to meet acquaintances during this season. It is best to always look effortlessly beautiful 24/7 without the stress of wondering if you'll get an appointment or not!