REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer

REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer

REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer
REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer
REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer

REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer

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Make your life as a lash artist easier by using the right tools! Here’s your new BFF when it comes to lash extension applications.

Choosing the right weapon in a battle is necessary. When it comes to lash extension applications, choosing the right lash tweezers is very important because they can make or break your work. However, if you are having a hard time selecting from angled, curved, or straight eyelash tweezers, you can just choose one, the REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer! This tweezer is designed with a slim tip making it easier to pick and separate every lash. It is made from high-quality Japanese surgical grade steel with jet black chrome or plasma finish making it look stunning and elegant. REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer has a soft tension but can be adjusted up to medium.

If you are looking for a precision isolation tweezer that you can effortlessly use in every application, REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer is the right one!


  • Size (Length x Width): 14 cm x 0.7 cm
  • Weight: 0.5 oz
  • Finish: Jet black plasma or chrome
  • Soft tension (can be adjusted to medium)
  • Angle: Combination of angled, curved, & straight
  • Used for isolation
  • Suitable for disinfecting with the use of autoclave
  • Made from Japanese surgical grade steel


  • With alcohol or acetone wipes, remove all the residue or debris off of your tweezers.
  • Fully submerge REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer with an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • Let it dry before using.
  • DO NOT submerge the tweezers into bleach, acetone, or any ammonia-based disinfectants. It can cause the finish to fade and the color will get dull.
  • DO NOT leave your tweezers to submerge in the disinfectant for a long time.


  • After sterilization, store REVOLASHION Köe Isolation Tweezer in a closed and sterile container.
  • To preserve integrity and precision, it is best to store it in a protective storage container.

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