Keratin Lash Shampoo

Keratin Lash Shampoo

Max2Originale - Keratin Lash Shampoo/ Foam

Keratin Lash Shampoo

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Remove impurities on your eyelashes, effortlessly and effectively!

Who says bathing is just cleaning your body and hair or soaking in your bathtub? Your eyelashes need a bath too! Yes, you heard me right! Give your lashes their much-needed bath with this Keratin Lash Shampoo! This lash foam cleanser is formulated with Keratin and Panthenol providing skin and lash conditioning. You can remove oil, dirt, makeup, and wasted protein without too much effort with this lash bath!


  1. Gently shake before opening.
  2. Massage a pea-sized amount over your eye area. Include your eyelids and eyelashes. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly 5 - 6 times.
  4. Then pat dry.

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