Elite Adhesive

Elite Adhesive

Elite Adhesive - Cartel Lash

Elite Adhesive

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The best performing lash adhesive for 3D-5D extensions

Formulated for reliable precision, The Elite Adhesive is a black lash adhesive that remains elastic for up to 7 weeks, making it the perfect option for applying 3D to 5D extensions. When left unopened, it can last 6 months - as long as it is maintained in cool temperatures, preferably refrigerators. When opened, it can last a full month before losing any adhesion or quality. It also makes applying even the most dramatic eyelash extensions a breeze as it dries in 2-3 second intervals, giving you enough room to prep, adjust and apply without fuss. 

To keep it in prime condition, avoid storing it in areas where there are direct sources of light like lamps, windows, and brightly lit rooms. And, always make sure to shake well before use to produce optimal results!

Product Details:

  • Drying time: 2-3 seconds 
  • Bond time: 6-7 weeks 
  • Optimal humidity: 45-55% (Normal Range: 40-70)
  • Optimal temperature: 20°C / 68°F

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