Spell Bond Adhesive

Spell Bond Adhesive

Spell Bond Adhesive

Spell Bond Adhesive

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Science meets artistry

Let’s put a longevity spell on these lash extensions with our newest adhesive formulation. Designed for optimal retention, Spell Bond Hypoallergenic Acrylate compound is thin in viscosity. It crystallizes to the core in 20 minutes time comparatively to traditional adhesives that require 3-24 hours for complete drying.

When applied correctly with a 2-3 mm point of attachment between the natural and synthetic lash, with even adhesive distribution, lash extensions applied using Spell Bond should fall ONLY when natural lashes shed.

Spell bond is a hybrid adhesive that functions incredibly well for both classic and volume applications.

Enjoy on-contact dry when you lash within the suggested temperature and humidity range. ON CONTACT dry is an instant dry time to 1-second dry time depending on a few factors;
1. If primer/ sealant/ bonder is used (lashes will dry instantly~ we highly recommend using our Magnetic  Bond or Curematic in 1 primer and sealant)
2.If clients lashes have been cleansed of natural oils bonding time will be shorter
3.If temperature and humidity range is between 18°C and 23°C + 10%-75% humidity

In clinical trials Spell Bond stands in a class of its own, 6-9 week retention on lashes that were connected to the dermal papilla (blood supply) factoring in lash shedding of telogen lashes on average expect 3-4 weeks refill times.

Spell Bond was designed with medical Grade Acrylates, similar to that which would be found in a hospital to close/heal an open wound. Having said that please be mindful Acrylate compounds are not meant to be repetitively bonded to the skin especially on the fragile eyelids, over a long period of time. To reap the full hypoallergenic benefits of this product please place lashes .05mm-1mm from the lash line. This will prevent allergies and increase bonding longevity.

  • Unit size 5ml
  • Low Fume Adhesive
  • Customizable instant to 1 second dry time
  • Optimal humidity: 10%-75%
  • Optimal Temperature storage: 18°C to 23°C
  • Optimal storage condition: moderate to dark environment, adhesive to be sitting upright
  • Latex + Formaldehyde free
  • Ultra Thin Viscosity
  • For classic, Russian volume, volume, mega volume application
  • Shelf life unopened: 12 weeks or 3 months
  • Shelf life opened: 8 weeks or 2 months
  • Shake bottle side to side, extremely well with each use, Each component of the chemical compound holds a different weight, meaning the pigments and acrylates will sit in different areas of the bottle while dormant! To avoid compromised retention it is very important to shake well before each use!

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