Barrier Bands - Assorted Patterns

Barrier Bands - Assorted Patterns

Eyelash Headbands - Assorted Colours

Barrier Bands - Assorted Patterns

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These soft and comfy barrier bands are a must have for lashing.  No one wants to touch a oily forehead or on the flip side, have a clammy hand pressing on them for hours!

Created from flannelette, these lovely, handmade, and comfortable headbands are made to lay flat on your client's forehead for sanitary purposes. It comes in various cute designs but all of them are soft and comfy to wear. You don't have to touch your client's forehead just to remove those flying hair into their faces, just let them wear this headband!

There is no velcro included in these headbands.

We rotate prints so if your order is to be shipped, the bands will be randomly chosen for you.  You can choose your design when you are picking up in-store.


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