LashGod Pro-Made Fans (14D)

LashGod Pro-Made Fans (14D)

LashGod Pro-Made Fans (14D)
LashGod Pro-Made Fans (14D)
LashGod Pro-Made Fans (14D)

LashGod Pro-Made Fans (14D)

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Our luxurious loose pro-made fans have 14 fibres per fan (14D) and an ultra-thin base. Fluffy, Full fans that look and feel precisely like a symmetrical hand-crafted volume fan. Made from our original world-famous cashmere lashes that you know and love. Ultra-soft, ready-to-apply volume fans.

2mm (length) bases bonded with our Everlasting Empress adhesive. Bases are bonded needle thin in a “stacked base” format and are designed to wrap around the natural lash and bond to two sides of the NL (natural lash). As a result, your retention will significantly improve, as will the density and styling of your sets.

Elevate your artistry and cut your cost per service in half. Your clients will love the way their fans look when they shed: quality artistry and expert speed.

May every set be Instagram-worthy. Your Clients and peers will be in awe as your artistry completely transforms. Pro-made fans are the quickest and easiest way to expedite your success in the lash industry.

Be the first in your region to offer; LASHGOD quality cashmere lashes, fluffy, complete sets in 1 hour, refills in 30-45min.
Your cost of lashes per service is $10, and you can double the clients per day, offering the highest quality sets in the shortest time—a win for you and your clients.

This is the perfect opportunity to rebrand and show off your new competitive edge! It would be best if you emphasized on social media that you offer ultra-soft fluffy sets with excellent isolation in an hour.

As always, we’re offering you the most convenient mixed tray variations;

Available in:
C+ curl
D curl

14 fibres per fan

750 fans per tray

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