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Elite Adhesive

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The best glue for 3D - 5D volume lash extension.

Pair your fabulous fans with Cartel Lash's eyelash glue! You have to be quick in your eyelash extension application when you are using this lash adhesive. It dries in just 2 - 3 seconds but can last for up to 7 weeks! You have to make sure your client is comfortable with using this adhesive before using it.

Keep in mind that this adhesive is for advanced and professional lash technicians ONLY.


  • For advanced and professional lash technicians
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 10g
  • Dry time: 2-3 seconds
  • Bonding time: Can last 6-7 weeks
  • Medium fume
  • 45% - 55% optimal humidity (Normal range: 40-70)
  • 20°C or 68°F optimal temperature
  • Can last up to 6 months unopened and stored in a fridge
  • Can last up to 1 month when opened.

Pro Tips:

  • Store at a cool temperature. 
  • DO NOT freeze it.
  • DO NOT keep under direct sunlight or any light like lamps.
  • Shake well before every use.
  • Tightly close cap after using.

IMPORTANT Information:

  • This is only for advanced and professional lash technicians.
  • Cartel Lash is not responsible for any misuse or unprofessional use.
  • You are solely responsible for this adhesive once you purchased it.
  • The performance of this adhesive may vary depending on the technician, client, temperature, humidity, and more.

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