Hydrogel Eyemask - B shape (10 pairs)

Hydrogel Eyemask - B shape

Hydrogel Eyemask - B shape (10 pairs)

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Ergonomically contoured to fit any eye shape or size - without the need for trimming! 

Formulated with breakthrough hydrogel, these under eye gel pads effectively cover the lower lashes without damaging them. In fact, not only are they 100% lash-safe they are also highly effective at hydrating your under eyes, efficiently removing dark under eye circles and leaving you with brightened and glowing skin that’ll last for a long time (with continuous application). 

Made lightweight and extra thin, this eye mask is guaranteed to provide you with the true freedom of unrestricted comfort - you’ll hardly even notice they’re even there! It is also crafted with a specialized surface that prevents unwanted moving or slipping pre and post application. This also acts as a protective layer to prevent debris and dirt build up from damaging your lashes or irritating your eyes.

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