How to Choose the Right Lash Pillow For Clients

by Joan Wong

The lashing pillow you choose is just as important as the lash room and bed you use. Try not to overlook how vital this decision is, as it adds comfort for your client and can create the perfect setting for a much needed lash nap.

Lash pillows not only make your client feel more comfortable but they also provide support to you, as a lash artist. When clients have to spend hours lying down, they tend to move their heads around. The more time a client shifts around to readjust takes away from your overall lashing time and will affect your efficiency and productivity. In some cases, it may even cause you to make mistakes which is not ideal.

Woman getting lash extension treatment while resting on lash pillow. Cartel Lash

The best pillow will have a place for you to rest your arms as well. Remember that your comfort is equally as important. A trusted lashing pillow will greatly improve your body posture, boost your productivity, and increase your efficiency.

Now that you know why a good lash pillow is important, it is time to look for one. Here are 5 best pillow shapes you need to consider when you are looking for a lash pillow:

Normal lash pillow 

A normal pillow is comfortable if you are lashing for short periods of time and potentially for longer periods if your client is able to move around and change positions. But that’s just it, having this type of pillow does not provide your client with enough head and neck support which really limits the amount of time you can lash comfortably.

In addition, lash artists tend to rest their forearms on the sides of the pillow, this prevents an artist from getting tired too quickly, however normal pillows tend to be quite soft and may not support as much as needed. This could will your efficiency and productivity.

Lash tech using lash pillow as support during lash extension treatment. Cartel Lash

When your arms and hands get tired, you will need to stop, rest, and stretch in order to get back to lashing. The strain in your hands and arms will greatly affect your work. In addition, normal pillows won’t have a platform where you can put your lashing tile. Having a platform where you can easily access all lash extensions and adhesive you need can make all the difference during a lash extension application and greatly increase your productivity.

Normal pillows are not made for lash artists.

Headpiece lash pillow

If you use a massage table as your lash bed, you will probably have a headpiece pillow already. For the clients, headpiece pillows are very convenient but they are not comfortable. They are usually on the tougher side and if your client has to lie down on it for hours, they will probably feel uncomfortable in their neck area.

For a lash artist, it won’t have the support you need. Without support, your arms will have to be in the air or resting on the top of the bed, throughout the application. This is not very comfortable for you either. There is also a chance for you to develop carpal tunnel syndrome

Neck lash pillow

Neck pillows are the ones you usually carry around when traveling. They are light, soft, and might be practical when traveling but for applying eyelash extensions, they are NOT. Neck pillows offer a bit of support to the clients but don’t offer any kind of support whatsoever to the lash artists. Having said that, you may want to keep a neck pillow on hand for clients that need additional support with the lash pillow you choose to use.

Woman with eyelash extensions using a neck lash pillow. Cartel Lash

U-shaped lash pillow

A u-shaped lash pillow is specifically designed to accommodate every lash bed. These pillows are engineered with a u-shaped middle that cradles your client’s head and neck comfortably. Its high flat sides are the perfect spot for your lashing tiles, keeping everything you need within reach and increasing your productivity exponentially. U-shaped pillows provide ample room to rest your arms and wrists while lashing. U-shaped pillows were made with the lash artist’s needs in mind. 

Ergonomic lash pillow

An ergonomic lash pillow is one that provides comfort and support for both you and your client. It has just the right amount of neck support and elevation for your client to lay comfortably for hours. Similar to the U-shaped pillow, it provides a platform with adequate space for your lashing tile to sit on.

Woman laying on an ergonomic lash pillow. Cartel Lash

All 5 lash pillows have their pros and cons and can benefit clients who have their own preferences. If possible, consider having more than one type of lash pillow on hand or having an extra pillow for clients needing additional comfort.

For example, pregnant clients may need to use an extra pillow in between their legs or under their backs. When in doubt and if your space allows, have a normal lash pillow on hand just in case. Remember, comfort is key, for you and your client.  If you are comfortable, you will be less tired and be able to accept more clients. Meaning more $$$! 

Firmness of the lash pillow

Aside from the type and shape of the lash pillow, you need to think about the firmness of it as well. If it is too soft, your client will sink into the pillow. It might seem comfortable at first, but after a few hours, they will need to stretch their neck because there is not enough elevation. For lash artists, a super soft lash pillow won’t be able to provide the proper arm support, leaving you to feel tired. Conversely, if the lash pillow is too hard, it will be uncomfortable for your clients. 

Make sure you choose the correct firmness. Many lash artists choose a memory foam pillow for this very reason.

Lash pillow covers for hygiene

Lash pillows are not disposable. You will need to reuse them. Putting a disposable pillow cover on top of the pillowcase will make it more hygienic and convenient. Most pillow covers have a waterproof backing to prevent your pillowcase and pillow from getting wet, this is important if your client comes with wet hair or if they come straight from the gym.

Having disposable pillow covers is super convenient because you no longer have to replace your pillowcase between clients but it also means that you don’t need a ton of spare pillowcases. This also means that you save time and money by not having to do more laundry. 

Pillow cases for lash pillow on pink dresser. Cartel Lash

If you choose to use a pillowcase without a pillow cover on top, choose a pillowcase that is soft, removable, and washable. You can also take into consideration the color and design of the covers. Make it calm and pleasing to the eyes, this will add to the overall ambiance of your space. 

Type of material for lash pillow

Lash pillows are commonly made of cotton, memory foam, etc. But the usual go-to of various lash artists is memory foam. Because they are sturdy and comfortable for both the client and the artist. The memory foam is firm and easily molds to contour the shape of your client’s head providing the utmost comfort and support. 

Cotton and down filled pillows are soft and comfortable. However, they may seem  comfortable for the client initially but won’t provide the firmness needed for long lashing sessions. In addition, cotton and down filled pillows need regular cleaning or replacing because they are prone to mold and dust mites.

Lash tech applying lash extensions with lash pillow as a support. Cartel Lash

To get the best pillow for lash extensions, you need to consider your client’s and your comfort. Your client will have to stay lying down for hours while you work on their lash extensions. To make sure your clients return, you have to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. 

As mentioned, your comfort is equally as important. It takes at least an hour to do fills and touch-ups. Overtime, not having the right support may cause your body to feel tired and sore, sometimes causing carpal tunnel syndrome. Finding a pillow that gives you the support you need will help your productivity tenfold!

When lashing, it is important to take care of yourself and your health! Not only will this help you in the short term but this will make sure you have a long and fruitful lashing career.